How to Choose the Best Folding Chair

  •   When designing your business' layout, one of the most important elements to select is appropriate and comfortable seating for your space. It can be overwhelming to choose the right Folding Chair Wholesale | Zero Gravity Chair Manufacturers for your location with dozens of different materials, colors, features, and styles to sift through. This guide will outline the various types of folding chairs available to you so you can make an informed decision and maximize your investment.

      Types of Folding Chairs

      Folding Chair Frame Material: We have three different chair frame materials for folding chairs to choose from so you can find the perfect balance of durability, function, and style for your business. We also carry the same style of chair, in each material to help you select the exact chair for your needs.

      Metal Folding Chairs

      Highly durable

      Great for both indoor and outdoor use

      Can stand up to the rigors of frequent use

      Resist scratches for increased longevity

      Plastic Folding Chairs:

      Offer a realistic wood look

      Easy to keep clean


      Easy to transport

      Wooden Folding Chairs

      Provide a classic, elegant look

      Great for weddings and other formal events

      Offer exceptional durability and tensile strength

      Folding Chair Seat Material: Many of our collapsible chairs feature padded seats that offer additional comfort for longer events. If you're choosing a padded seat, we offer fabric or vinyl options.

      Fabric Padded Folding Chairs

      Padding is soft for additional comfort

      Excellent at resisting temperature changes

      Designed for indoor applications

      Vinyl Padded Folding Chairs:Vinyl Padded Folding Chairs

      Padding resists staining

      Easy to wipe clean

      Offer better protection against moisture

      Blue Folding Chair

      Folding Chairs Colors: You'll find a variety colored folding chairs available to you, from classic black or white folding chairs to beige, blue, gray, and more. Pick the colors that match the style of your venue for a cohesive look!

      The weight capacity of a folding chair is important to consider before making your purchase. Evaluate your customer base to help you decide if a high capacity folding chair may be a better option for establishment.

      Storing and Transporting Folding Chairs

      One of the key benefits of folding chairs is their space-saving qualities. To save more space and increase your establishment's efficiency, folding chair carts provide excellent storage and transportation options. Maximize your location's floor plan with a folding chair rack or chair dolly.

      Folding Chair Hanging Carts:

      Benefits: Hanging chair trucks are perfect for organizing different colors of chairs since you can designate a row for each style.

      Capacity: Available units hold up to 84 chairs

      Folding Chair Stacking Carts:

      Benefits: Stacking carts allow you to lay your chairs face down in order to utilize vertical storage space.

      Capacity: Available units hold 20-36 chairs

      Folding Chair Standing Carts:

      Benefits: Standing carts hold your folding chairs in an upright position. Unlike stacking carts, standing carts store all of your chairs at the same low height for easy access.

      Capacity: Available units hold 29-50 chairs

      Choosing the best folding chairs for your business is an excellent way to complement your restaurant concept. Ensure that your guests are seated comfortably in your establishment to provide an excellent customer experience.

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