Best Options for Boarding Your Dog

  • What’s the best boarding option for your dog?

    Today’s dog owners have several choices for boarding. Ranging from home visits provided by visiting pet sitters, to a wide range of commercial kennels and dog boarding in Sydney. They all come with pros and cons and no one choice is right for every dog. It’s important to consider your dog’s personality and daily habits, when considering boarding.

    Home visits

    Providing care for your dog in your own home is one option and might suit dogs with anxieties the best. You can ask a trusted friend or family member to stay at your place or use a professional pet sitter or sitting service.

    You may never find a boarding facility or kennel that would make your dog feel as comfortable as staying in your own home. Especially if your dog suffers from separation anxiety or gets anxious around strange dogs and people.

    Some people choose to pay a pet sitter who visits your home several times each day. But if you choose a sitter who visits your dog only once a day, remember that it provides very little supervision for your pet. From a trainer’s point of view, I don’t think this is proper care for any pets. This would mean that your dog is left alone and unsupervised for a long period of time.

    Home Boarding

    You may opt to have your dogs stay overnight at the home of a trusted friend, family member, or professional pet sitter. This option usually works well for many pet owners, especially when the pet knows the person.

    But before packing your dog’s overnight bag, it’s important to be aware of environmental differences that could impact your pet. Does the host have dogs of their own? If so, are they friendly ones? Do they get along with your dog? If they haven’t met, be sure to arrange a meet-and-greet prior to travelling to ensure everything will go smoothly during your vacation. It’s also worth checking that your pet cannot slip through fencing or other enclosures. If your host has an insecure swimming pool and your dog doesn’t know how to swim, ask that your dog not be left outside unsupervised.

    It’s also wise to educate your dog’s host on any behavioral quirks that your dog might have.

    Commercial options

    There are plenty of options for owners who prefer to professionally board their dogs. Pet owners can choose from conventional kennels to “resort- style” pet hotels that offer extra services such as daily walks, training or grooming services. Some boarding facilities offer “cage-free” boarding where the dogs spend their time roaming free with fellow dog guests. And some kennels have dogs confined to their own small kennels throughout the day except while being exercised by kennel staff.

    Keep in mind that what works best for one dog might not work for another. For example, kennels can be very stressful and don’t work well for antisocial or anxious dogs. But they can work well for confident, social and friendly dogs who love other dogs and people.

    Go with your gut

    Once you’ve done your homework and thoroughly checked out your list of potential facilities, the best way to make a decision is to go with your gut instinct.

    Your dog is our priority in Puppy Playground Dog Hotel in Sydney

    We understand how important it is for you to have your four-legged family member well looked after whilst you are away. We also know how hard it is to leave your much loved dog in the care of others, so we promise to treat them like our own dogs. All of our Puppy Playground staff care passionately about dogs and will give your dog all the love and attention they could possible want.

    Puppy Playground dog hotel in Sydney has been designed especially for the comfort and happiness of small to medium sized dogs.

    Our dog boarding facility in Sydney isn’t a kennel. Our boarding guests won’t be locked up in small cages in a very stressful environment on their own. To provide your dog the best dog boarding experience in Sydney, we only take a small number of boarding dogs at a time and they will join our dog daycare dogs during the day. They will have plenty of toys, play equipment and fur playmates to play with under our careful supervision.

    Each and every one of our dogs are behaviour assessed so that we can make sure your dog will have a great time with like minded dogs. We provide multiple large play areas, daily walks, professional and experienced staff, 24/7 video monitoring and a Veterinarian on call to ensure the safety and comfort of all of our dear guests.

    We believe that no dog should be boarding in a huge dog boarding facility.

    They can be very stressful and traumatising places for even the most confident dogs. The reality is that when you have large number of dogs together, the environment will be loud and the dogs won’t have much room to stay in. If you don’t pay for a private cage, your dog will be placed in a small area with multiple other dogs. But it’s not just that! If a boarding kennel doesn’t do behaviour assessments, there is no guarantee what kind of dogs your dog will be staying with. Your best friend might be spending your holiday with a bully. Does that sound like fun? We don’t think so.

    Every dog deserves lots of human interaction, cuddles and attention.

    And every dog deserves to be left alone when they want to. That’s why our loving staff will keep an eye on the dogs at all times supervising their behaviour. You don’t get this kind of personalized dog boarding service in a huge dog hotel.

    During the day your dog will roam free in our comfortable play areas with toys and other dogs.

    For the night your dog will sleep in a smaller suite designed to keep your dog as comfortable and contented as possible in our dog hotel in Sydney. The sleep suite is spacious with comfortable flooring and an elevated bed to ensure a good night sleep.

    Just like all our daycare dogs, our overnight dog boarding guests benefit from our fully air-conditioned boarding facility.

    And above all, our dog daycare and boarding facility is always kept clean with professional kennel cleaning products!