How are Seamless Pipes Made?

  • Seamless pipes, especially stainless steel seamless pipes, can be used in various applications. Seamless coiled tubing is a key component of many products, such as solar tubing and even hydraulic pipelines.

    So how is it seamless? One of the ways to make seamless pipes is extrusion. Extrusion is a process of forcing a metal or other materials through a mold to form the desired shape.

    This process will first select a processed steel plate of the selected grade. The pipe will be extruded from the blank and then re-drawn using the die. The seamless tube will be heat treated in a hot furnace, followed by processing, cleaning and reprocessing in sequence until it shrinks to the desired size. So far, seamless coils can be reduced to the extent that their inner diameter remains the same as the diameter of human hair.

    The longest seamless coil in the world can stretch to 6926 feet. Seamless pipes can be made of a variety of high-performance and corrosion-resistant alloys with different sizes, which are especially suitable for ultra-high purity, military, aircraft, semiconductor, medical and general instrument applications. Different types of seamless pipes can be provided according to different needs and applications.

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