Curtain Fabric Manufacturer Is The Most Suitable Curtain Fabric


    Cotton, linen, velvet or voile? How do you deal with decision-making fatigue when choosing the best curtain fabric for your home?

    There is no one-size-fits-all rule when choosing curtains for your windows. But don't be nervous-by correctly understanding curtain fabrics, their usage and maintenance instructions, you can confidently choose the perfect curtain for your living room, bedroom and other places.

    Today,curtain fabric manufacturerwill introduce the advantages and disadvantages of eight popular curtain fabric styles so that you can easily make decorative decisions.

    The best curtain fabric for your home
    The curtains are made of lightweight, standard weight or heavyweight fabrics, each of which has different uses and functions.

    To choose the right curtain fabric for your home, you need to consider the needs of each room or window (ie create privacy, increase light, enhance decoration). Make sure to choose the fabric you like and like to look at.

    The following are the most popular curtain fabrics:


    1. Polyester
    Polyester curtain fabric
    Polyester is the standard choice for curtains. It's affordable, low-maintenance, and durable-perfect for renters, first home buyers, or people with limited budgets.

    Style and usage

    There are many colors and patterns to choose from to match any decoration
    Suitable for most rooms in your home
    Avoid using polyester fiber in the kitchen or restaurant-polyester fiber absorbs odors and is flammable
    Nursing tips

    Machine washable, dry in a delicate low temperature environment
    Not easy to shrink, stretch or wrinkle
    Mildew and mildew

    2. Rayon
    Rayon curtain cloth
    Rayon imitates natural fibers. It can be as luxurious as silk or linen. Like polyester, rayon is affordable and suitable for the entire family.

    Style and usage

    Soft and durable
    Universal in most rooms in your home
    Great for filtering
    Care instructions

    Only dry clean (may be damaged in the washing machine)

    3. Cotton
    Cotton curtain fabric
    The cotton curtains are modern and hang beautifully. If you want airy and clean feeling, cotton may be a good choice. (Bonus: Cotton is organic.)

    Style and usage

    Dark colors provide solid coverage, while soft colors paint in light
    Ideal for dining room, living room and bedroom
    Great for filtering light
    Nursing tips

    Machine wash in cold water, fine cycle, and dry
    Easy to shrink and mold
    If placed in direct sunlight, it will fade over time

    4. Linen
    Linen curtain fabric
    Linen is similar to cotton (also organic), but is more durable and exudes a modern tailored look. However, it is more expensive and requires additional care.

    Style and usage

    Modern and fresh, suitable for most rooms in your home
    Great for filtering
    Anti-ultraviolet (no fading), helps regulate indoor temperature in summer
    Nursing tips

    Dry clean only and should be re-suspended immediately to avoid creases
    Easy to mold

    5. Silk
    Silk curtain cloth
    Silk is beautiful, delicate and romantic. Contrary to popular belief, silk is not necessarily expensive (you can also buy silk/cotton blended curtains or silk/linen blended curtains).

    Style and usage

    Heavier than the standard weight fabric, but the texture is soft and cool
    Ideal for formal living rooms, dining rooms and rooms with elegant windows
    Conducive to regulating indoor temperature
    Nursing tips

    Dry cleaning is recommended
    Highly vulnerable to sunlight, so please avoid direct sunlight

    6. Velvet
    Velvet curtain cloth
    If your home needs insulation, velvet curtains may be the best choice. However, velvet fabric is more formal, so first make sure it matches your room or home well.

    Style and usage

    Heavy, thick and perfect for protecting your windows from cold wind
    Ideal for a sophisticated dining room, traditional living room or master bedroom
    Block light and sound for extra privacy
    Nursing tips

    Dry cleaning is recommended
    Easy to accumulate dust; gently vacuum with the brush attachment to remove dust
    Do not iron (use steamer only when necessary)

    cut pile fabric is also a good choice. Although it is heavier than other fabrics, it can give people a sense of dignity. You can try this fabric for aristocratic style.