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    7 rules for choosing the perfect curtain-mastering these rules, you can choose, hang and enjoy your perfect curtain!

    Recently, my master bedroom was fitted with beautiful new curtains. I realized that there are many things to do when choosing curtains for a room. Curtains, although they mainly play a supporting role in the beauty and comfort of our home, they can also play a role. There are many options for decorating our windows. So today we will talk about 10 rules for choosing the perfect curtain which support by curtain fabric manufacturer

    Let's take a look at some simple things that can add the perfect curtain to the room in your home!
    Consider using
    We need to be realistic about how we use curtains in our homes.

    Will your curtains block the light or your neighbor's trash can? Do you like the way curtains filter light into the room? Do they just add a lot of beauty and interest to the room? Are your curtains close to the door or any traffic patterns in your home? Will you pair curtains with blinds or sunshades? These are just some questions to ask yourself before buying any curtains.

    Although most of us want to make interesting decisions, such as styles and fabrics, we need to do our homework and consider how to use the curtains of our choice! We want the curtains in our home to be both beautiful and practical!


    There are too many styles of curtains with just one click on the computer, right? Do you like floor-to-ceiling curtains? Full curtains? Brushed curtains? Pinch? Do you want formal wear or casual wear? Do your curtains play a supporting role in the room or highlight the focal point?

    Think about how a pair of curtains can be used with the rest of the room. This is a good starting point when considering the style we should choose.

    Ask yourself these things...

    Will the curtains enhance the style of the whole room?
    Will they make the room look bigger? (Yes, they can)
    Will the difference in curtains be too small?
    Will the curtains be too much?
    Will my eyes be attracted by curtains
    Will they become a beautiful backdrop for the rest of the furniture?


    I like fabric! Even when choosing the right curtain for my home, choosing the right fabric is a bit sad! The curtains are considered a supporting role in the room, so I keep them very subtle. I like to frame my windows with curtains. Nothing is too fluffy. So I stay neutral in color and tailored in style.

    What about you If you like your curtains to appear and attract attention, go for it! Just make sure they match the colors and patterns of other fabrics in your room.

    Do you like sheer fabrics? Heavy fabric, cut pile fabric, brocade, burlap, linen, cotton, etc. Do yourself a favor and get plenty of samples before you venture! There may be many fabrics to choose from, suitable for any room!

    If you like fuller curtains, you can increase the width of each panel to three times the width of the window. If you like a more casual look, double the width of each panel.

    The transparent curtain above is a simple DIY project. If you like them, you can also make them. Click here to see how I made them.


    When we talk about curtains, hardware may be an afterthought. But it shouldn't be! The curtains hanging on the wall are very important.

    Ask yourself what color/finish do you want the curtain hardware to be? What kind of rod do you want to use? What fixes the curtain to the rod? Do you want to make a statement with curtain rods or make them as unnoticed as possible? How far away do you want the curtains to hang from the wall? Do you want a customized curtain rod? Will you use a spire or a rounded rod to hug the wall?

    Another thing to note is how long it takes for the curtain rod to be used in the window and the wall space on both sides of the window in order to hang the curtains.

    The answers to these questions will determine which curtain rod is best for you and what the price of the curtain rod is.


    The length of the curtain depends on the type of curtain you choose.

    Here are some guidelines...

    Short curtains should be curled so that they can pass over the window sill
    Long curtains can brush the floor, break the floor (with a small bend at the hem), or accumulate a few inches or more on the floor.
    Make sure you know the exact curtain length required. Measure the window and wall area of ​​the curtains before buying! ! ! !

    The high-hanging curtains make the room look taller and more elegant.

    My best suggestion is to hang the curtains as high as possible, as long as you can. "Hang them high, put them low!"


    Throw away all other information you have read about how to hang curtains. This is the best tip. Place the curtains of a window on a pole and manually place them where you want them to go. Make sure the curtains follow the guidelines abo height and length. When they suit you well, mark the position of the suspension rod. As long as the windows are the same size, you can use these measurements for any other curtains in the same room.

    Really, you never know what the curtain will look like until you hang the first one. Make sure it is perfect! ! ! !



    In the past few years, there has been an adage that never wash the curtains, but let them rot on the windows. Pooh! ! ! ! seriously! ! ! Yes, that was the day of heavy curtains and many decorative windows. Those days are gone forever. Now, if you know how to take care of your curtains, you can clean them yourself or ask a professional to clean them to make them look like new!

    Save all cleaning instructions! Vacuum the curtains regularly, and also your window sills and molds while you are in it. Wash the curtains when they are dirty.

    Curtains can get dirty, attract grease, dust, etc., so you may want to consider cleaning them well every 6 months or so.