Elegant Decoration Fabric

  • In order to have a bright and romantic space, more and more women choose to use transparent curtains in the living room. Flowing transparent curtains are light, so they are almost the best choice. Today, I will introduce this elegant Decoration fabric to you in this style.

    When you are sitting in the living room, chatting with friends and enjoying the beautiful afternoon, the patterned transparent curtain can filter the sunlight to make the light shine, so that the light becomes soft and not dazzling. The wind is blowing, the curtains are flowing with the wind, what a beautiful picture!

    The curtain is made of high-quality gauze fabric, with advanced cutting pattern technology and embroidery technology, which looks romantic and simple. The elegant geometric pattern and the perfect and charming gold match are the best choices for spring. It has well-advanced jacquard craftsmanship, and it will be rough when touched by hand. It is suitable for perforation holes that are only used for top construction, called grommet tops.