How To Choose Decoration Fabric

  • When it comes to home furnishing or equipping your house with basic items such as bedding and curtains, there are many different types of fabrics to choose from. If this is your first choice of household fabrics, then here is some basic knowledge that everyone interested in DIY fabric projects should know.

    When choosing Decoration fabric, you need to look at the furniture, carpet, floor, and surrounding decorations in your home. They are important when choosing the weight and style of the fabric. Although curtain cloth is its own category, it is usually made of multi-purpose or lightweight interior fabrics for use in curtains. Actual upholstery fabrics are usually too heavy to be used as curtains. The following are some popular fabric materials:

    Pure: A translucent fabric with a soft luster. Use alone or with other fabrics. Add privacy to a brightly lit room.

    Cotton: It has an organic and natural appearance.

    Cotton satin cloth: high-gloss woven, looks luxurious.

    Tulle: translucent and light. Made of cotton, silk, rayon, or wool. Match with heavier fabrics to control light.

    Coated fabric: usually used to cover the sunlight from bedroom curtains. It is strongly recommended for curtains.

    Lining: For uncoated fabrics, it can protect your curtains from sun damage and effectively isolate windows. The better the quality of the lining, the longer the drape time.