Horizontal Stripe Curtain Fabric Is a Good Choice For Families

  • Every family needs curtains. It is important to practice interior decoration to help add some patterns or colors to the home. Regarding Curtain fabric types, it is best to keep in harmony with the home style and other home decorations. People sometimes find it difficult to find the most suitable house curtain. But we think horizontal striped curtains are a good choice for families.

    Compared with vertical stripes, horizontal stripes can give people more visual experience. It depends on some factors. Including housing and architectural design. Real stripes sometimes deceive your eyes. When you start decorating a house, it is best to find a professional designer to help you find a suitable curtain design.

    Curtains with short and long horizontal stripe patterns can make the ceiling look taller and the walls look longer. It can give people the feeling of space expansion.

    If you want a relaxing and comfortable space, you can choose horizontal striped curtains to decorate the house. This design of curtains is also modern and fashionable. On the other hand, horizontal striped curtains can not only be used to decorate the home, but also can be used in formal occasions. It can bring a classic and traditional feel.

    Regarding the color of horizontal striped curtains, different colors can bring different effects. For the house, we recommend that you choose bright and warm colors and choose wide strips, which can make the whole space look lively and warm. Wide bars can also make your house look bigger.