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  • Buying curtains, especially door and window curtains, is not an easy task. There are five styles of curtains to keep in mind when buying.


    Although it seems that new curtains should be a relatively easy thing to buy, there are many variables to keep in mind to bring you the best results. Factors such as adjustability, how they are gathered on the top and installation method all play a crucial role in determining this particular interior decoration. It can be difficult to buy curtains, especially in special areas such as glass doors and windows. Please remember that there are five styles of curtains listed here. You can buy these curtains online or in physical stores, which will satisfy you and your guests in the coming years.


    Tip: Before buying curtains online, make sure to measure the window size carefully. You may also need to consider whether energy-saving blackout curtains are suitable for your situation.


    Door curtain

    At first glance, having tall and beautiful doors with elegant windows that allow natural light to shine directly on your entrance seems like a dream come true. Yes, they are almost as stunning as they sound, and finding an accessory that allows you to control lighting and privacy a little bit can be difficult. At that time, you need to properly install doors and windows curtains that can cover things from top to bottom. These curtains can be hung by hooks, poles or rolled up.


    Ruffled curtains

    If you want to incorporate an elegant, classic look into your house, then pleated curtains are your best choice. The actual folds that make up the curtain can be set in any number and placement position. They have a variety of soft and pastel colors, which can bring old-fashioned calmness to any house.


    Pencil pleats

    The usual choice (for good reason), these hanging fabric bundles have a set of threads on top and can be easily mounted on almost any pole or hook. Of course, they are not limited to any room and are very useful for people who may not have much experience in installing these decorations.



    Like pencil pleated curtains, they are classic, straight, easy-to-handle fabrics that can be hung anywhere from glass doors to windows. However, they are designed to maintain an elegant and eye-catching "beam-like" appearance at the top. Both come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and are bound to suit almost any aesthetic preference.


    Label top

    As the name suggests, these curtains are supported by fabric "lugs" on the top and can be easily slid into any pole. Your choice of accessories may be somewhat limited (for example, no hooks), but they are known to be strong, easy to install, and have a unique and flattering feel in almost all rooms.


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    Whether you want to find the right curtain for windows or glass doors, shopping has never been easier. Yifan curtain fabric wholesaler provides a wide range of beautiful, customizable fabrics, and you will immediately find the perfect choice for your home and lifestyle.