Application Of Plastic Tray

  •   With climate change and environmental concerns dominating the headlines, many businesses are looking for more sustainable approaches. For companies that depend on shipping, this climate change can be daunting. However, there are ways to achieve this without losing productivity or money. For starters, choosing plastic pallets over wooden pallets is an important step on the right path. Although this may seem backward. Pallets UAE are considered valuable assets. The purpose of Dubai's development of plastic pallets is to allow consumers to reduce the frequency of buying pallets. In these applications, the pallet can be considered a depreciating asset, and the fundamental factor driving the purchase choice is the return on investment.

      In addition to the best products and expertise and services, we are leading the way in creating a responsible supply chain. We provide durable, reusable plastic trays and boxes responsibly, which means we can help you demonstrate a responsible attitude to your customers. Protect the environment and are committed to continuously improving our performance and reducing our impact on the planet.

      Currently, 93% of the plastic pallets we supply are made entirely from recycled plastic. We are working hard with our manufacturing partners to increase this number. Earlier this year, we launched a recycled version of the GoPalletBox 1210 S 3R - the first in the series to be made entirely from recycled plastic.

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