The Role Of Neck Support Pillow

  •   The Neck Support Pillow is specially constructed to provide neck support and keep your spine in proper alignment while you sleep. The cervical pillow conforms to your anatomy. It's higher where your neck is and more compressed where your head is. Just like you have an ergonomic chair when you work on your computer at your desk, your pillow should also be ergonomic to support your neck. Neck pillows come in different shapes and materials. If you're transitioning from a regular pillow to a cervical pillow, you may find that a cervical pillow feels weird at first. Using it for short periods of time during the day on the recliner or during short breaks can make the transition easier.

      Finding the right pillow for your neck depends in part on how you sleep. If you sleep on your back, try to choose a pillow that fits your head and neck so that your neck is well supported. Memory foam pillows or water pillows are good choices. They keep their shape but adapt to your anatomy.

      If you sleep on your side, a firm pillow is a good choice. Putting most of the pillow under the neck instead of the head will help keep the spine aligned. It would help if the pillow had gussets. A gusseted pillow is a pillow with extra material that is seamed into the rectangular panels on all four sides of the pillow to allow the filling to adjust as you move your head. Pillows without gussets are just two pieces, with the top and bottom sewn together. Side sleepers may also need a special pillow between their legs to help keep their spine aligned.

      When you sleep on your stomach, you put pressure on your back. Your back arches as your neck twists to the side. Use only thin pillows or no pillows if you are prone to avoid extra pressure on your back. Using another thin pillow under the belly can help take pressure off your back.

      A horseshoe pillow supports your neck well when you're in a car, plane, or train. If you have neck pain, don't let your head hang to one side when sleeping on an airplane. Make sure your neck is supported.

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