Benefits Of Cotton

  •   Cotton is a natural crop that has been used by humans as far back as 600 BC. Cotton is harvested like many other crops - by the humans who till the land! This has always been a labor-intensive process, but well worth it due to the tremendous benefits of its use in the fabric. Cotton has many advantages such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, and provide comfort, and it is also hypoallergenic, weatherproof, and durable.

      Cotton is strong, tough, and not afraid of soiling its fibers. You can trust it to last and won't fall apart the first time you wear it. From durable workwear to timeless LBDs, keep some cotton in your closet because it's built to last.

      If people think pilling is wrong, they must be right about choosing cotton! Pills are nasty balls of tangled fibers that pop up on your clothing when the fabric rubs against itself or other materials. Once nylon, polyester, and blends pill, it's permanent, while cotton sheds any pilling when washed. So if you want to keep your clothes looking sleek, check the labels before buying.

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