Introduction Of Cvc Fabrics

  •   The CVC fabric composition is a blend of cotton and polyester, with cotton accounting for more than 50% of the blend. What has emerged as a way to reduce import and export costs has become a popular alternative to t-shirts made from cotton, polyester and modal blends. CVC fabric shirts are breathable and soft while offering durability that rivals pricier tri-blend options. Available in a variety of trendy and classic colors, the CVC tee is a great wardrobe staple and the go-to blank canvas for clothing decorators. Combed CVC Waffle Fabric is a great option.

      CVC yarn is relatively cheaper than 100% cotton yarn, and CVC yarn is used more than cotton to increase the durability of the fabric. While fabrics made from 100% cotton yarns are more comfortable and more popular than those made from CVC yarns, CVC fabrics are more popular because 100% cotton fabrics have more folds, use less and are more expensive.

      CVC fabrics are also favored by apparel manufacturers because they are less expensive to manufacture. Cotton is a naturally produced fiber that costs more to manufacture than synthetic or man-made polyester. By blending cotton and polyester, fabric sheets can be produced at a lower cost for apparel manufacturers.

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