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  • TALIB KHAN There’s never been a better time to buy the best dedicated server in India. Sure, I might have said that before — but you know the interesting part? Each time, it’s been true. With every passing year, the quality, resources and value added on dedicated server hosting just keep getting more impressive. I often hear many website owners ask, “When do I need to consider a dedicated server in India?” Sometimes they even have received bandwidth limits exceeded on their shared hosting plan, but they feel like the hosting provider is responsible for this concern, and they’re not sure how to switch the shared hosting plan into dedicated hosting. Chances are, you probably started your online journey with a cheap shared hosting plan and then switched to VPS server as well to avoid any downtime. But, what about when your site traffic and resources grows beyond these initial stages? You just need to upgrade to something more substantial. It’s obvious you may have pondered, Which hosting will support my hundreds of thousands of site visitors? In this guide, you’ll learn the dedicated server price, specifications, features and when to consider it. But first, the basics… What is Dedicated Hosting? When to Use Dedicated Hosting? Dedicated Hosting: Pricing and Features What is Dedicated Hosting? Dedicated hosting essentially means that your website has its own server all to itself. It offers complete control and flexibility over the resources, but usually comes at the expensive price in comparison to that of Shared and VPS hosting plans. As such, it’s important to do your research before opting to purchase this type of plan. Also Read: Dedicated Server in India – Pricing and Features As you may be aware, shared hosting holds the data for your website on the server with potentially hundreds of others. For personally powered blogs or very small business websites, this option is sufficient and is comparatively cheap as well among all. With dedicated hosting plans, you can have complete access to the server’s RAM, bandwidth, storage, software configuration ensuring you get better performance, control and flexibility as your website has a server all to itself. When to Use Dedicated Hosting? Your Should Choose a AGM Web Hosting Dedicated Hosting If… You need only the best resources for your website — you want to max out on RAM, support high traffic visits without having to worry about server downtime issues. You are concerned about the security of your website with sensitive information. You require total control over every aspect of your IT architecture(library software, applications, and access control, without being constrained) Best Dedicated Server in India Pricing: Final thoughts If you have the budget for it, a dedicated server can offer increased stability, reduced loading times, and complete customization over other hosting plans. To recap, here are the three questions you’ll want to ask when you’re deciding whether a cheap dedicated server is right for you: Does your website process sensitive data? Is your site(blog or heavy website) currently experiencing lags due to high traffic, or is your website growing quickly? Do you require complete control over the server resources? Interested in trying the best dedicated server in India? Try it Now! Order Now! Read More: Dedicated Server in India – Pricing and Features
    September 9, 2020