• May 29, 2019
    I campaigned in this last federal election as a MARIJUANA PARTY CANDIDATE in the Scarborough-Guildwood riding.


    • Bring our boys home, now!
    • Spend that money here
    • Support the safety of our troops
    • We are a peace-loving neutral nation

    • Abolish federal income tax
    • Increase take-home pay / reduce poverty

    • Abolish interest on student loans and home mortgages
    • Financially strengthen Canada and Canadians

    • Stimulate the economy
    • Create good-paying jobs
    • Restore the living wage
    • Build cutting edge manufacturing infrastructure

    • I also support:
    • Investing in renewable energy and utilizing hidden technologies
    Cutting Parliament's pay by half
    Strengthening the social safety net
    Fathers' and Children's Rights
    Harm reduction and prohibition cessation
    Full utilization of the skills of immigrants
    Inclusion: speaking for the betterment of all our people.

    Thank you for your vote.
    I look forward to representing you in Ottawa.

    I'm an Abolitionist, a person who wants to end slavery of all kinds. We
    must know who are the real slave masters and put an end to their reign.
    There is more than enough to go around if the pigs are dethroned. And
    they would be happier too!

    Legalize Cannabis like strawberries
    are legal and the economy will self correct. It is the outlawing of the
    most useful plant on the planet that is causing all this trouble. People
    are dying of starvation because the greatest renewable food source on
    the planet is being kept from them at the point of a gun.

    Cannabis is the premier plant on the planet. Truly Cannabis is "The Tree
    of Life" as talked about in the Bible. It is the most efficient plant
    for taking carbon dioxide out of the air and producing oxygen as well as
    converting sunlight into plant and cellulose matter. It cleans
    radioactivity from the environment. It cures Cancer. It fulfills the
    description in the Bible of having twelve manner of fruit. Those twelve
    manner of fruit being:
    1. Food;
    2. Clothing;
    3. Shelter;
    4. Fuel;
    5. Medicine;
    6. Industrial Base Stock;
    7. Economy/Trade;
    8. Literacy/Paper and Ink;
    9. Inspiration;
    10. Civilization/Agriculture;
    11. Recreation;
    12. Spirituality/Church Fellowship.

    It is a shame to waste all of this in the name of prohibition. The
    founding fathers of the USA said that Hemp/Cannabis is FREEDOM, grow it
    everywhere. They even legislated that you had to grow Cannabis and
    accepted it for the payment of taxes.

    If you really want to get rid of the violent drug cartels and the governmental corruption; end
    the drug war, legalize Cannabis like strawberries are legal and save the
    planet and ourselves! It really is a matter of survival.