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how many drops in 1 ml eye drops?

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    September 30, 2022 6:29 AM EDT

    You can either go for style="font-weight: 400;"> for quick conversions of milliliters to drops and vice versa or you can go through the following explanation. The sign for a drop is gt, and its plural is gtt.


    An Imperial drop is equal to 9.86564670138889E-08 milliliters, which is around 1/288 of a fluid ounce. A medical drop is defined as 1/12 mL or 8.333333333E-08 m3. A US drop is equal to 0.0821486932291667 m3, or 1/360 US fluid ounce.


    In the case of the Imperial system, one drop is equal to 7.78866844846491E-08 cubic meters (1/1824 gi). As an alternative definition, a US drop is equal to 6.48542314967105E-08 m3, or 1/456 US fluid ounce.


    Measured in units of volume equal to 5108 millimeters, a drop (or "metric drop") is equal to 1/20 mL. The gi represents the gill, which has both Imperial and American customary meanings (5 fluid ounces and 1 gill, respectively) (4 US fl oz).