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Streaming setup for beginners

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    August 29, 2022 11:34 PM EDT

    Streaming setup for beginners

    Live streaming is one of the most popular forms of online content today and has grown steadily in recent years. It’s come a long way since its beginnings in the 1990s, shifting from niche webcasts that few people watched to a multibillion-dollar industry.To get more news about 39bet-tỷ lệ cược-đua ngựa-máy bắn cá-tỷ lệ nhà cái-kéo cầu tài xỉu, you can visit official website.

    Although you may have some favorite streamers you regularly tune into, the thought of starting to live stream on your own can be daunting. That’s why we created this ultimate guide to live streaming for total beginners. If you have zero knowledge or experience but still want to give live streaming a try, then you can learn how to stream with this guide.
    Why is live streaming a must in 2022?
    To get their entertainment, people are gravitating more and more toward live streams. But live streaming isn’t just about entertainment; it can also be extremely beneficial to a business’s content marketing plan:

    Whether you want to turn live streaming into your new hobby, a source of income, or a marketing tactic for your business, there are more than enough reasons to start live streaming.

    How to prepare for live streaming
    Since it’s “live” streaming, you may think it’s totally impromptu and that you can hit that “go live” button without a plan. But the popular streamers you watch aren’t improvising — not even the gamers. If you want your live streaming to be a regular hobby or revenue-generating venture, then you need to prepare.
    What is a basic streaming setup?
    As a beginner, you need four things to go live: a camera, a microphone, streaming software, and a good internet connection. You can also add accessories that will drastically improve the quality of your live stream without too much effort.

    Start with the webcam on your laptop, or upgrade to a more powerful webcam without breaking the bank. The Logitech C922 Pro is a standard for live streamers, and the Mevo Plus helps streamers stay mobile. Check out our best webcams for 2022.

    While your camera doesn’t have to be super high-quality, you’ll definitely want a decent microphone. Depending on your setup, you could get a standing/shotgun mic if you’re sitting at your desk or a lav mic if you’re getting up and moving around a lot. The Shure SM7B delivers high-quality audio, while the Audio-Technica AT2020 is the best value.

    Streaming software, also called an encoder, takes the video and audio input from your computer and transmits it to the streaming platform of your choice. Hardware encoders are also an option, but software is free and much more user-friendly. There are lots of encoding software options out there, so choose the right one. OBS Studio, Streamlabs, XSplit, vMix, and Restream Studio are all great options.

    If you’re uploading video and audio to transmit in real time, you’ll need a solid internet connection. If you’re gaming while streaming, you’ll need a great internet connection. Check which upload speeds are required for streaming to see if your internet is fast enough.

    Accessories boost the quality of your stream. You can get good video lighting without dropping too much cash, but green screens might be a little advanced if you’re new to streaming.