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I used to be a legend.

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    August 28, 2022 10:56 PM EDT

    Is it really good? Cui Zuojing had some doubts about the truth of this sentence. He thought about it, snapped his fingers and said, "Since you have told me such a private thing, how about I tell you something about me for the sake of fairness?" Chapter 60 mysterious guests. Dong Zheng really came to interest, Cui Zuojing for him, is the word "mystery" of the concrete, young people hide too many secrets he does not know: "Come on, listen carefully." "You know, I was sixteen years old when I entered the pure white world. People can't grow in the pure white world. So I stayed here for three years. I was always sixteen years old. Then I was cursed to stay here forever." Dong Zheng nodded, and when they first met Fu Zhe, they learned a lot of things, including this. In fact, the day I died in the real world was my sixteenth birthday. That night I hurried home from school and took the alley. The result was very unlucky. I ran into a serial murderer who escaped from prison. Unfortunately, I was caught. Dong Zheng is a little surprised that the main cause of death in the real world is various diseases and traffic accidents, such as Victor's sudden death, he and Dong Linhai died of a car accident, and Allen died of drug allergy. Cui Zuojing was killed unexpectedly. Cui Zuojing shrugged his shoulders and said, "Super unlucky, isn't it?" Dong Zheng nodded, and then caught a strange point: "Isn't it your birthday every day now?" "Yes, it's been eleven years since my sixteenth birthday. It's really a birthday I'll never forget." Dong Zheng hesitated for a moment: "Will your time flow again if you untie the curse?"? But you can't leave this day until you get out. Cui Zuojing was also stumped by this question: "I don't know, let's talk about it later." Dong Zheng was silent, as if the problem had a lot to do with him. Before I came here,Teardrop Pallet Racking, I was an ordinary senior two student. My brain was easy to use. I had good grades in school since I was a child. I was always a good child in the eyes of my family and teachers. When I think about it now, I can't believe that I am so obedient and do whatever others ask me to do. Dong Zheng imagined and couldn't help laughing: "I'm sorry, I can't think of you at that time." "Not to mention you, even I can't think of it now." Cui Zuojing paused and whispered, "In the first few months here, I spent almost every day in fear. In the pure white world, most of the strong adult men who could survive successfully. At that time, my physical quality was very poor, and I could not accept what happened in the box." "Fortunately, Fu Zhe and Henry have been guiding me. Henry, you remember, warehouse pallet racks ,warehousing storage solutions, is the Iron Band Knight in Hamel." Dong Zheng, of course, remembered that the Zombie Knight almost killed him and Linhai. You killed him, didn't you? "Yes, he has become a monster, without the memories of those who used to be human beings, so I helped him out." Dong Zheng: ".." "I know you may find it hard to accept for a while, but that's the way it is. It's hard to struggle to live in this world. If you want to become a monster after death and kill your former compatriots, you might as well be destroyed.". If one day, someone in our team becomes a monster, I will do the same. Cui Zuojing continued: "After that, I awakened my ability and began to understand that I could live in a completely different way. I didn't have to be a good boy all the time. Here, I was the only one who could control my life and destiny." In the end, as you can see, I became what I am now. Similarly, here you can also be a pure white world of their own, do not care about life in the real world, those you have carefully maintained the image and interpersonal relationships. In a dangerous world, you can magnify all your needs and desires and do whatever you want, after all.. I don't know which day I won't have a chance, do I? Dong Zheng: "I didn't actually --" "Don't quibble. You've been too tight all the time. Although other people may not see it, they won't hide it from my eyes." Dong Zheng was silent. After a while, he said slowly, "I have been used to this for so many years." "The best way to break a habit is to replace it with another habit. You can also start to get used to being who you are." Cui Zuojing does not intend to continue this topic, he has said enough, the rest depends on how Dong Zheng decides. He climbed to the foot of the bed and reached out to press the switch. The bedroom lit up, and both of them saw the clock on the wall. The hour hand is in the position of nine. Nine in the morning? "Eh?" Cui Zuojing immediately looked out of the window, which was still dark, as if the sun had been completely expelled from this small world. It's not light. At the same time. Lin Hangzhi, Dong Linhai and Victor have returned to the palace in the center of the town for a long time to protect Agatha with Mickey. The little girl has not been in good spirits since she was frightened to see the dead mouse on the dinner table. Urine rain has been falling, the ground is full of pale yellow liquid, there is no place to stay, the air is filled with a lingering strong smell of shame, disgusting. When they realized that it was not light on time, they did not realize how big the crisis was until Mickey hurried to find them and said he would go to the front. Most of us are made of cloth. We can't get wet in the rain at all. We just expect the sun to shine at dawn. After a long time, we will definitely get sick! Mickey ordered the team led by the Grey Wolf to protect Agatha and rushed to the front. Dong Linhai and the maid went to see Agatha's condition. Lin Hangzhi stood at the window of the corridor and looked at it for a while. There was no sign that the day was going to light up. Victor jumped onto the windowsill and asked, "Any ideas?" Lin Hangzhi and Victor, both doctors,warehouse storage racks, naturally had a sense of closeness. Lin Hangzhi took a long breath, and the frustration he usually emitted all the time faded a lot. He whispered, "Everything that this town has experienced is what the little girl has suffered." 。