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The fetters of fate

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    August 28, 2022 10:55 PM EDT

    "Wait.." Wait. "" Naruto let out a few moans from his throat, which were almost broken. Now Naruto only felt that the whole voice was numb and weak, and he could not help groaning softly, which made people feel like they were on cloud nine. Naruto felt a familiar hand and began to walk and rub on him, leaning feebly against Sasuke's arms, inhaling a familiar and reassuring smell. Sasuke rubbed his hand around Naruto's waist for a moment, slowly moving down and easily taking off Naruto's pants. Hands between his lower body, kept wandering and lingering. Naruto felt his lower body cool, "whoo." Zuo. Help. Aha.. Naruto was almost brought to him by Sasuke's pleasure and excitement. I'm so excited that I want to cry. Blue eyes covered with a thin layer of moisture, eyes blurred, like the misty rain in the south of the Yangtze River, hazy and filled with temptation! Sasuke's hand kept fondling Naruto's doppelganger. Sometimes light and sometimes heavy, sometimes fast and sometimes slow.. "Well.." Ah Ha "" Naruto twisted his body because of the continuous stimulation, and his desire was stimulated in an instant. The blood in the body seemed to boil up, the sense of reason and shame disappeared, and the wanton began to groan loudly, stimulating to the extreme, comfortable to the extreme. "Ah-" Naruto felt that he saw a white light in front of his eyes, and almost felt that for a moment, Naruto almost felt like crying,mobile racking systems, powerless to breathe in Sasuke's arms, feeling the aftertaste of pleasure. With Sasuke's deep laughter ringing in his ears and sweat overflowing his forehead, he bowed his head and greedily began to suck Naruto's lips. Naruto did not resist, let Sasuke kiss, blurred looking at the people in front of him. The heat of the air between the two seemed to be higher than the temperature just now. It was hot and lingering. Before long, Naruto had been pressed on the grass by Sasuke. In a moment, all the clothes between the two had faded,shuttle rack system, and the two hot pupils were seamlessly intertwined. Sasuke. Sasuke.. Naruto tried to shout the name, and couldn't help shouting. Sasuke separated Naruto's legs, cold air rushed in, Naruto consciously wanted to shrink, but Sasuke was more separated. Everything seems to come out of the blue without warning! Hard and bulky foreign bodies enter the body. Ah- "Naruto cried out miserably, and the intense pain immediately woke him up, and all the lust just now disappeared." Sasuke, come out! I don't want it! Come out! There were tears rolling in the blue eyes, and the dike could burst in an instant. Sasuke lowered his head to kiss his blue eyes and gently stroked Naruto's trembling body. Naruto, you'll get comfortable! Sasuke spoke hoarsely, kissing his eyes and cheeks repeatedly. Hands began to caress Naruto's doppelganger again! Naruto's desire was aroused again, and his mind was so confused that he could not distinguish anything. Um. Zuo. Help. Nope Naruto shook his head vigorously. Naruto, you're so tight inside! Sasuke frowned and tried to suppress his desire. Naruto slowly began to adapt to the pain in front of him, but Sasuke began to move slowly. Ah Slow. Stop.. It hurts.. Naruto wrapped his hands around Sasuke's shoulders. Reason has long been a mess, industrial racking systems ,wire mesh decking, do not want to bite down on Sasuke's shoulder, blood in the mouth, but he did not let go. "Oh!" Sasuke snorted and began to move fiercely, hitting the deepest part of Naruto's body again and again. Ah Naruto immediately relented. Crazy rhythm, physical collision, two people's reason is replaced by unspeakable pleasure. Intense entanglement, lingering intersection, crazy demand, has continued to the depths of a long distance! Chapter 16 of the text Chapter Words: 3008 Updated: 08-10-08 12:59 When Naruto opened his eyes, it was already dark, full of stars and silvery moonlight! Found himself lying in a different place from before the coma, clothes have been put on for him, slowly moved to sit up, but just that move, immediately felt the whole body is sore and painful, the feeling of falling apart. The flickering light of the fire reddened Naruto's line of sight, and Naruto slowly sat up. Turning to look at Sasuke's back sitting by the firelight, he seemed to be roasting something. Sasuke felt movement behind him and turned to look. When he saw Sasuke's face, Naruto's mind immediately came up with the picture of indulging passion just now, and his face was hot and instantly red. He immediately lowered his head and dared not face Sasuke's line of sight again. Feel Sasuke standing up. Approaching, a grilled fish was placed in front of Naruto's eyes. Naruto was stunned and stared at the grilled fish in front of him without taking it. Don't you want to eat? Asked Sasuke. Naruto shook his head and took the grilled fish. To be honest, Naruto is really hungry now, just surprised, Sasuke actually grilled fish for him, a little can not believe it! Sasuke returned to his original position and added some firewood to the fire, which flickered, and his black pupils shone strangely in the red light. Naruto nibbled at the fish in his hand and looked at Sasuke's back. The black hair glowed darkly and brightly in the firelight, which was very beautiful. Sasuke, what kind of existence am I in your heart now? You said in the Valley of the End that you wanted to spend the future with me. In the end, you gave up. Now, have you ever thought about it? …… But I.. Now I still regard you as the object I have been longing for. The night seems to have been very deep, insects and birds have not issued a song, probably have entered a sweet dream. There was silence all around! Naruto's eyes also began to become sour and tired, rubbing his eyes, yawning, and lying down to sleep. Sleeping in a daze, Naruto felt a familiar hand holding him in his arms, familiar with the smell, familiar with the temperature, so that he felt very at ease, then tightly snuggled in. Wet lips, gentle kisses.. Fall on Naruto, gently licking his lips, eyelashes,shuttle rack system, cheeks. Kiss and caress full of love and pity have nothing to do with lust, but to express a love that can not be expressed! Perhaps the other party does not know at all, but he does not regret it! What is love? Me and you..