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The bright moonlight of the villain

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    August 28, 2022 10:54 PM EDT

    Zhuangtong only felt that Mingyuexiang was stupid. She saluted and said lightly, "The maidservant didn't say that. It's just that the maidservant did see the general go to the study that day. Then she went out for a while, but Miss Wei was sent back to the West Garden." "Is that all you can say?" Mingyuexiang obviously lost his mind, a few steps to Qin Jiao's side hugged his arm, Qin Jiao naturally took Mingyuexiang's hand. "Then ask your ladyship to let Miss Wei come and explain in person," she said in her eyes. Mingyuexiang nodded and said, "That's all right. Let someone bring Miss Wei here." It was too cold outside the door, Mingyuexiang blew the wind for a while, Qin Jiao was reluctant to part with it, he took Mingyuexiang to the flower hall, called for the fire to be prosperous, he sat aside to warm Mingyue incense. When Miss Wei came in, she saw such a scene, but her mother twisted the general's ear with her hand, and did not know what to say, but her expression was very fierce. For a moment, Miss Wei actually sympathized with the general. I heard from the makeup manager that you were pregnant. Is there such a thing? Mingyuexiang waited for Wei Yizhen to finish the ceremony and asked impatiently. Wei Yizhen's face was burning, after all,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, she really did a disgraceful thing, but when she looked at Qin Jiao who was honestly bullied by Mingyuexiang, she didn't struggle in her heart. After all, Qin Jiao was the father of her child. If she didn't argue, she really had no place in the General's Office. It's true. Come on, who is the father of the child? If you speak honestly, I may make an exception for you and the father of the child to leave the General's Office. Mingyuexiang seems to be quite magnanimous to say. Wei Yizhen panicked. Although she had made preparations before,ceramic bobbin heater core, when her mother really refused to admit it, she only felt that the whole person was humiliated. She was also the daughter of a good family and even had a better family background than her mother. Why should this woman doubt her family education? So she raised her head and looked directly at Mingyuexiang and said: "The father of the child is the general. I was in the study with the general that day.." Please, madam, for the sake of the general's flesh and blood and the Wei family, let the little girl live. Mingyuexiang stood up biting her lips and wanted to give Wei Yizhen a slap, but she was stopped by Qin Jiao. Wei Yizhen hurriedly back, see Qin Jiao so, a hot heart, the bottom of my heart more and more firm. Unexpectedly, Qin Jiao said, "I didn't go to the study that day." , 59 | 4.6 | hair People are always like this, originally just want to be able to live, ceramic bobbin element ,ceramic igniter electrodes, but once they feel that they can live, they want to live well. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's not so wonderful if the better life is based on interfering with other people's lives. Mingyuexiang thought that she was not a generous person, and did not want others to share her husband, so naturally she would not sympathize with the woman in front of her. Wei Yizhen felt as if there was something wrong with her ears. That day she watched the general come in half asleep and half awake, and then sank into the smoke of aphrodisiac fragrance with her. How could the general not admit it? This How is this good? Her innocence, her children.. "General!"! You How can you say that! Qin Jiao said frankly, "I haven't seen you before." Qin Jiao's words are true, these women in the house were sent, often Qi Shi or Gu Shi to receive him or not in the house, or let people go back, can not go back only to let people place in the West Garden, to Wei Yizhen before getting married hiding behind the screen in the front yard of Wei Fu saw Qin Jiao several times. Wei Yizhen's longing for Qin Jiao was completely scattered. She only felt that this man was cold-blooded and cruel and had no responsibility. He was obviously a general of a country who dared not even admit sleeping with a woman. It was the general who saw me in the study that day, so he told me. The general would say he's never seen me before? Is the general a man who wants to cheat even a little girl? Wei Yizhen was aggrieved and angry. Her eyes were slightly red and she stepped back a few steps. I didn't lie to you. Qin Jiao said this sentence and then turned his head and stopped talking, because he felt that it was meaningless to talk to this person. Madam, please make a clear observation. Wei Yizhen saw Qin Jiao no longer pay attention to her, sad fear, directly stepped forward and knelt down, covered his face and sobbed. Mingyuexiang just looked at her, eyes low as if there was anger, but endure and endure, or said: "What evidence do you have?" Wei Yizhen bit her lip and thought about it before she took out a pendant from her bosom. There was a jade pendant hanging on the pendant. The jade pendant was carved with a king of beasts. The tiger was exquisitely carved. The tiger's body was vigorous and its feet were thick. Standing on a cliff, she opened her mouth as if she were roaring at the edge of the cliff. The jade pendant was of great value at a glance. Unfortunately, Qin Jiao was born in poverty when he was a child, and he was not interested in these bits and pieces, especially when he wore bunts on weekdays, not to mention that the jade pendant was not a finger wrench, the tiger roaring jade pendant was obviously not Qin Jiao's. Mingyuexiang seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and smiled a little on her face. "I told you," she said. "How could my general do something worse than a beast? This jade pendant doesn't belong to my general." Wei Yizhen only when they shirk, no wonder she would think so, because this jade pendant jade quality is good and engraved with such a ferocious tiger, how to look like a military general will like to wear jewelry. Madam, this jade pendant was indeed taken from the general. Wei Yizhen touched the ground with her head and sobbed. Speaking of that day, Wei Chuanzong was too careless, or maybe he was too flustered afterwards, otherwise he would not have lost the jade pendant he carried with him, so that Wei Yizhen left it as a token of love, even the makeup was not revealed there. In fact, if she had taken out this jade pendant, she would not have dared to send it to the door foolishly, because Wei Chuanzong's jade pendant was not seen by no one, on the contrary,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, it can be said that many people in the house had seen and touched it. This jade pendant was brought to him by his godfather in the palace, and he showed it off a lot on weekdays. Are you sure you really got it from the general? Bright moon fragrant smile becomes cold, look at Wei Yizhen's eyes also slowly sharp up.