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Beacon Fire Beauty: Young Marshal's Mysterious Wife

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    August 28, 2022 10:38 PM EDT

    Zun Ziyi went back and put her hand in front of Helian Xueyi, "Five sisters-in-law, happy wedding, give me a red envelope, too!" Zunlong smiled and patted her hand. "Are you short of money?" "Of course, in order to buy gifts for you, Sister Qi and Lao Jiu, I have lost all the pocket money I have saved for half my life." Zun Ziyi looked at Helian Xueyi pitifully. "Give me some. I want to invite the veterinarian to have a meal and sort out the relationship between me and him by the way." "Follow me." Helian Xueyi smiled and pulled her into the bedroom. "I've got all your gifts ready for you." "I don't want a gift. Just give me some money. I don't like to ask my mother for money. Every time I ask her for money, it's like killing her." "I'll give you the money and the gift. When you see Fang Ziyi, you can have a good talk with him." Helian Xueyi took out a silver ticket and a jewelry box from the drawer. "Tell me again when the money is gone. The jewelry in the box is all new this year. Put it on later and go out to play beautifully." Zun Ziyi smiled and took it over. After she saw the amount of money above, she hurriedly returned the silver ticket to Helian Xueyi. "Five sisters-in-law, there's too much money. I can't take it." "Not much, only five hundred yuan." " 'Only five hundred.' You're really rich and powerful. Just give me ten or eight yuan. You don't have to ask the veterinarian to eat well. If he eats too well, his stomach will not stand it." "Take it. You've spent a lot of money these days." Helian Xueyi gave her the silver ticket again and said with a smile, "Go quickly and don't delay the business." "Then.." Then I'll take it first. Thank you, sister-in-law. Zun Ziyi took the jewelry box and the silver ticket to go out, but was stopped by Zun Long. Zun Ziyi looked at him in puzzlement, "Brother Wu, what's the matter?" "Just thank your fifth sister-in-law. Don't you thank me?" Zun Ziyi grinned and said, "Thank you, Brother Wu.". I won't take the money from you and the fifth sister-in-law for nothing. When I have money,Rotating sludge scraper, I'll give it back to you. Zunlong's face sank at that time. "If you return it, don't come to my courtyard again!" "Hey, there's my fifth sister-in-law in this courtyard. How could I not come?" Zun Ziyi smiled and went out from Zunlong's armpit. Before the people in the courtyard had dispersed, Zun Ziyi smiled at the housekeeper in a good mood and left the bamboo garden quickly. Helian Xueyi and other servants outside are scattered, the small straight son, small cherry and big pumpkin called in, she put the gifts prepared in advance, let them to respect the old lady, Zun Xiyuan, Zhao Nanqing, fine bubble diffuser ,disc air diffuser, Zhu Hongfei, Zun Kai and Grain Buds to send. All the people in the family were arranged, and Helian Xueyi sent the gift to Zun Ziyu's family to Ji Haiying in person. Ji Haiying weighed the weight of the gift box and said with a smile, "This gift from my aunt's family is really weighty." Zunlong glanced at the gift box. "Mrs. Zun, what's in the box?" "There are four golden gourds I ordered for my four children, supplements for my sister and her parents-in-law, and two boxes of Y cigars for my brother-in-law." "Four children?"? Oh You're counting the one who wasn't born. Zunlong smiled and said to Ji Haiying, "Go quickly." Ji Haiying answered, holding the gift box out of the door. Zunlong waited for Ji Haiying to leave. He took Helian Xueyi's hand and asked in a deep voice, "You want to help me return my sister's favor. Why don't you tell me?"? If I touch your dowry, I will be upset. "We are a family. What's mine is yours, and what's yours is mine." Helian Xueyi patted him on the chest, "are you relieved now?" "What's mine is yours, and what's yours is still yours. Only in this way can I feel at ease." Helian Xueyi smiled and put his hand in front of his eyes. "Well, I'll listen to you. Yours is mine. Take it out." Zunlong smiled and took out a key and put it in Helian Xueyi's hand. "I only have a key to the safe now, but there seems to be nothing in it." "It's all used in the Arsenal?" "Mmm." "It will be all right in the future. I have money here, so you don't have to worry about the lack of funds there." "In fact, there has been no need to worry about the lack of funds there, I just want to give you a sample, there is strength in numbers." Zunlong said, opening the wardrobe door, pushing the clothes aside, and pressing the mechanism again, revealing the safe. There is no password. You can open it with the key. ” Helian Xueyi laughed and said, "It's all empty. Why should I hit it?" "Not completely empty, the money to support you is still there, and the money for my sister's ring is also in it." Don't mention the ring money to your sister again. She will be unhappy. The four gold gourds I ordered are no less expensive than the ring. "Aren't you afraid your sister will come to you with such a valuable thing?" "I'll put it on you when the time comes." Helian Xueyi smiled and opened the safe, not to see what was inside, but to see how much space there was for her treasures. Mr. Zun, isn't this safe a little small? I can't put down the things I brought. Zunlong smiled and touched her head. "Even if I buy ten more safes of this size, I can't hold the things you brought." "What then?" The west wing is for you to put things in. It's too valuable for you to put in the safe. "You'll have to donate some to fit in the west wing." Helian Xueyi slanted his head to look at the suitcase at the head of the bed. "Mr. Zun, give me the suitcase. It's full of valuable jewelry. Put it in the safe first." Zunlong carried the box over and put the jewelry inside with Helian Xueyi. Zunlong looked at her, "you set a password." "Do you think it's all right for our wedding day?" "Reverse the date of the wedding, or it will be easy to decipher." "Then listen to you." Zunlong smiled, "Little Cherry is your housekeeper. If you put these things in,MBR reactor, won't she ask you for them?" "I'm sure I'll ask, but if I put it away, I won't dawdle any more." Helian Xueyi set the password and stood up. "Let's transport those things of Snow Wolf tonight. We have to think about how to transport them out so that they won't be suspected." "Let the Shadow Army come over and carry some out so that no one will find it." "What about the empty boxes?" "Empty boxes are loaded with stones and placed in the west wing. No one will ask about it." 。