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    August 28, 2022 10:38 PM EDT

    Today, the crew of "a World Without Thieves" finished work late, and after dinner, they had to shoot a scene of Qiao Nuan and Liu Dehua fighting in the bar on the train. It has been shot twice, and the director is not satisfied, so we have to do it again. Director Feng Gang told Qiao Nuan and Liu Dehua about the play for a while, and told the two special actors who acted as the background board. They set up their positions in front of the camera and were about to start shooting. All departments are ready to ain! ". Wang Bo was bored in the car, walking all the way from the hard-seat carriage to the mobile bar at the end of the carriage, where hot music was playing and many figures were writhing on the dance floor. Xiaoye is wearing a sexy cool dress at the moment, a hip slip dress to reveal the hot figure undoubtedly, she is long gorgeous, at the moment with a foreign handsome man while drinking while boxing, seductive smile makes people itch helpless. As soon as Wang Bo came in, Xiao Ye found him immediately. As soon as he raised his eyebrows, Xiaoye got up from his seat, picked up his glass and threw aside the foreign handsome man,fine bubble diffuser, swaying toward Wang Bo, who was sitting in the corner. She leaned gently against the man's side and whispered in a voice that only two people could hear. It's so cruel that I want to fly after eating other people's tofu. "I don't have a heart," Wang Bo sneered. Xiaoye took the wine glass leisurely to the opposite of Wang Bo, one leg up, so that the already short skirt more let out a spring. She seems to be aware of it, and she doesn't seem to be aware of it. Clever woman, what the word says is always half true half false: "Who wants your heart? What the family wants,filter nozzle, it is your life." Wang Bo can also feel the soft fragrance of the orchid in his ear, but what he really hears is the vicious words of the beautiful woman. Qing Ben Jia Ren, how to be a thief?! "I'm a ghost passing by, and my life is long gone." Small leaf smell speech is Jiao smile again and again. The beautiful woman straightened up and looked directly into Wang Bo's eyes. The light inside turned into charm. What she said was gentle and taboo love words: "Dead ghost, you also want my life!" Wang Bo frowned and looked at the woman for the first time: "I'm in a bad mood. Don't mess with me. I surprised the police. It's not easy for everyone to talk!" Xiao Ye sneered disdainfully, "Don't talk about the police. I'm in a bad mood. Let's have a competition."? Have some fun for yourself. "How do you say you won?"? What if you lose? "I won, and you belong to me tonight, and you must do what I tell you to do." "What if I win?!" Xiao Ye smiled confidently and said, "If you win, I will disappear from your eyes!" Wang Bo opens a mouth solemnly: "Add again, cannot hit the idea of my that foolish brother again!" Under the undercurrent of the heart, rapid sand filters ,Belt Filter Press, he was softhearted after all this time. Xiaoye agreed to this request without any hesitation, she did not think much about it, careful publicity is always like this, she has never seen people outside the sky, never believe that anyone can really win their own. Since then, two people have met in front of the temple after the heart for the opposite side buried a seed of provocation finally fell to the ground, take root and sprout. This is where the competition begins. Wang Bo picked up an ice cube from a cup with ice cubes on the table and said solemnly, "I will throw the ice cube into the air later, and finally the ice cube falls into the cup. Whoever gets it will win." Xiao Ye nodded and smiled confidently. Wang Bo opened his palm and threw the ice into the air. When the ice fell into the cup, Xiao Ye picked up the cup directly, drank the wine inside, and looked at each other with a smile. Wang Bo is slightly angry: "You act shamelessly!" Small leaf rascal's smile: "The rule but you said, who got the cup first, even if who wins.". Doesn't it count if I drink like this in my stomach now? You didn't say that before. Li Shu, who had already observed the situation of the two people in the dark, found his men and ordered them indifferently: "Xiaoye lost. Hurry to send her back to the box. Don't let her lose face here." Then he left without looking back. The man with a scar on his face laughed gloatingly and took the order to leave. Xiao Ye stood up with a proud smile on her face, but soon she noticed something was wrong. She lay on the sofa and stared at Wang Bo: "Did you drug me?!" Wang Bo approached the face of the beautiful female thief and said with a gentle smile, "I didn't force you to drink. Besides, you can't drink what I can drink." After that, the man with a ruffian face left with a light smile. Xiao Ye, who was left dazed and unable to move, was carried back to the box by two of his accomplices. Cut! Qiao Nuan was wearing little, and now she was holding her arms together, and the goose bumps of the cold came out. Finally, director Feng Gang gave a surprising answer: "This one has passed!"! Get ready to call it a day! As the crowd cheered, Qiao Nuan took the windbreaker from Luoluo and went to the makeup artist to remove makeup and change clothes, ready to go back to the hotel to rest. When they came out, the staff at the scene were still counting the equipment and props. Director Feng Gang was pulling Liu Dehua to watch the playback in front of the monitoring screen. When he saw Qiao Nuan coming out, he waved to her. Director, what's wrong? Don't you feel satisfied and want us to do it again? Stay in the crew for a long time, Qiao Nuan also became able to often have the courage to joke with Feng Gang, anyway, the director himself is an old urchin, do not pay much attention to these, as long as the play is good, open a harmless joke Feng Gang can never black face. Feng Gang "hum", but also did not reprimand Qiao Nuan, but pulled the camera back,Mechanical fine screen, let her take a look at the playback of today's shooting results. Qiao Nuan did not feel any problem after watching it. Feng Gang sighed and put the two key scenes that had been filmed two days ago, one in which Qiao Nuan and Liu Dehua tested each other's strength and pretended to be ambiguous at the door of the bathroom on the train, and the other in which Qiao Nuan played Xiaoye and Ge You played Li Shu in the luxury compartment on the train.