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    August 28, 2022 10:37 PM EDT

    I was about to give him a pot sticker when I killed a man at the door. A snow-white dress, a mask that I think has a lot of personality. Quan Xunfei stood in front of the door, petrified. I looked at the shape of me and Asaha and smiled with satisfaction: one hand touching his back, one hand on his face, one leg on his leg, and his chin on Asaha's shoulder. Asaha is not dressed yet. Quan Xunfei shook his head and retreated. I jumped down and shouted, "Mr. Quan, what's the matter?" Quan Xunfei came in again: "I, am I disturbing you?" I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I'm sorry to disturb you. Come along." Quan Xunfei shook his head and suddenly said, "No, no, I'm not here to talk to you about this. Come out quickly. Something big has happened." Then he ran out of the door. I followed him out. But I've never had such a big shock. Walking out of the door, an unknown creature was close at hand. She was dressed in a woman's clothes, but her arms were covered with hair and half hung down on the ground. The hair is as messy as a chicken coop. It's nothing. It's a little ugly at most. When it turned to look at me, I almost passed out. Four fangs stretched his mouth from ear to ear, and his eyes were huge,rotary vacuum disc filters, but there was no black eyeball. His face was full of uneven wrinkles, which made him sick and trembling. Holding back my cry, I quickly closed the door and leaned against the back of the door to breathe. I always feel that the monster's clothes look so familiar. Still in the panic, I heard screams coming from outside. Quietly opened a crack, eyes swept out, the monster is slowly approaching a palace maid,lamella tube, the palace maid tightly holding the dragon pillar, pale face, now is not even a cry. The monster's fangs flashed a cold light. The maid rolled her eyes and fainted. Quan Xunfei immediately grabbed a vase next to him and threw it not far behind the monster! The monster turned his head when the vase broke. Seemingly blind, he groped back and forth and moved out of the door. "What is that, Master Quan?" I asked? It's so scary. Quan Xunfei did not speak, but followed him out. Walking outside the house, the monster looked left and right, but only in the same place. I looked at it carefully with empty eyes. My heart jumped and I said in a trembling voice, "That.." That is Susu? Quan Xunfei looked at it with a gloomy look. It seems that she can't stay here again. Let's go back to Yan ahead of time. "Is it really Susu?"? How did she end up like this? I took two gentle steps towards it, trying to find a way to get her back. Quan Xunfei behind him immediately shouted, "Perilla!"! Don't go there, she'll bite. I wasn't going to get close. But he frightened me, Lamella Plate Settler ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and my feet went limp. I slipped forward, fell a few steps, and fell at Susu's feet. Then I looked up and saw the twisted and hideous face of a monster. A pair of eyes full of white eyes. Four sharp fangs. Closer and closer to me.. ……………… I'm dead. I'm definitely dead. If not dead, why is there only a piece of black around? I must be in Susu's stomach. I didn't think that the cause of my death was that I was scared to be eaten by a monster. There was a dark shadow in front of him. Before he could move, the shadow jumped in front of my bed. Bed? Half squinting his eyes, he found himself still in the guest room of Manshengguo. A pair of cold hands climbed up my shoulders. The shoulder seemed to have been gouged out by a knife, and the pain was as sharp as tearing. It looks like I'm not dead yet. I was just bitten by Susu. But who is the shadow in front of us. Keep the slit of the eyes to the minimum, and suddenly see a pair of green pupils. It turned out to be a scene. My body gradually tightened and I closed my eyes, not daring to breathe loudly. He gently untied my underwear, exposed the injured part, held a light blue light in his palm, and slowly pushed it into the wound on my shoulder. Liu Jing is indeed the spirit world person with the strongest healing ability. It's like cold water flowing through the skin, and the wound on the shoulder doesn't hurt at once. The light faded little by little, and the surroundings became dark again. After holding back for a long time, the corners of his mouth began to rise slightly. He dressed me and tucked me in, just like when I was a child. And then there was no movement. After a while, his fingers lightly brushed my cheek, and the silky hair fell on my body. He opened his eyes and stole a glance at him. With a sigh, he leaned down slowly, and his lips were about to touch mine. My lips trembled with nervousness and I clenched the quilt. Baby Liujing, kiss it, kiss it, don't hesitate. He let out a heavy breath, stood up and walked out of the door. Bastard, again! He's been trying to kiss me for as long as I can remember-he's been kissing me for almost twenty years, and he hasn't succeeded once! I kicked the edge of the bed, pulled the wound, and howled. Chapter 9 When I woke up again, the first person I saw was Su Su. Seeing her completely back to normal, I really suspected that I was having nightmares at first. The wound is still aching. Originally, I wanted to shout "monster" and jump out of the bed. But Susu stared at me with her round watery eyes and tears in her eyes. Hurriedly sat up, shrank back, pointing at her hand shaking and shaking: "You … …" You ferocious woman, I tell you, if you bite me again, I will scream! Susu looked at me in amazement. Mr. Perilla, aren't you afraid of me? Well, I got the effect I wanted. Afraid? How can I not be afraid? I'm most afraid of people who hold grudges! "Do you hold a grudge?" Su-su asked for no reason. My two eyes curved up: "Because when I first met you,Wall Penstocks, I touched your …" Hey, hey. "Susu's face suddenly turned red." You're talking nonsense again! That's not what they're talking about. What they say is. "It's just a few more teeth." "Susu froze and her nose turned red." Thank you. I know you're trying to comfort me. You are the first person who will not run away after seeing my true face, except for seeking wrong. You don't ask me how I became like that. I sat up against the wall.