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  • July 27, 2022 5:06 AM EDT

    Niight Steed Games made They also created additional games, such as BrutalMania and EvoWars or poppy playtime.

    A top-down multiplayer deathmatch game is called Control your own "MiniGiant" and engage in combat with other players to earn rewards. There are many classes from which to pick. You'll get bigger, stronger, and get more stuff as you level up to strengthen your character.

    MiniGiants blends the classes and epic battles of classic brawler games with the hugely popular growth mechanisms of games like and Slither.

    How to Boost Growth

    In MiniGiants, gather the vibrant pieces scattered over the map for energy to quickly expand your character. To level up rapidly, defeat adversaries in battle, and play wisely by avoiding battles with giants. You get bigger and more unstoppable the longer you rule the game!


    You'll discover that as you defeat enemies, they occasionally drop chests with various rarities. Chests include treasure for your character as well as gold to upgrade things. Character accessories like armor, rings, and helmets are available; they improve your strength and base numbers. Keep an eye out for the rarest chests around the arena because they contain the most valuable goods.


    There are various courses in, each with a different benefit. The barbarian character by default has a 50% increase in stamina. As you progress through the game and level up, more classes become available. Each MiniGiants class is:
    Barbarian (level 0)
    Tank (level 3)
    Fairy (level 6)
    Amazon (level 9)
    Necromancer (level 12)
    Mage (level 15)
    Cleric (level 18)
    Beast (level 21)

    Tip and tricks

    Start by avoiding larger players and instead concentrate on gathering bits.
    To level up quickly, engage in as much combat as you can.
    Take chests from vanquished opponents.
    Upgrade and replace your equipment using your loot.


    Characters you can unlock with added stats
    Playable multiplayer battles
    Your player will grow to absurd sizes.
    Obtain better equipment to enhance your character.