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Ceramic foam filters have a foam-like porous shape

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    July 24, 2022 9:40 PM EDT
    Ceramic foam filters have a foam-like porous shape. They're
    manufactured from refractory materials which might be proof against molten aluminum
    erosion. Ceramic foam filters are particularly used in the area of metallurgy and
    casting metal liquid filtration and purification to remove
    undesirable nonmetallic inclusions and decrease trapped gasoline that
    are contained inside the casting. There are three ceramic foam
    filters, alumina, silicon carbide (SiC) and zirconia foam filters.
    They may be supplied in round, rectangular, square or other
    custom designed shapes with exclusive pore sizes and porosities.
    Extruded Ceramic foam filter
    Extruded ceramic foam filter has straight channels in honeycomb
    shape. it is specially used in metallurgy and foundry industry to
    clear out impurities, lessen casting porosity, get rid of turbulence
    in the steel circulate and improve casting best.
    o light weight
    o large floor region via-hole rate
    o high bypass fee
    o correct chemical stability and corrosion resistance
    o high mechanical power
    o excessive thermal surprise resistance