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Porous ceramic filter for filtration of molten aluminum

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    July 19, 2022 2:43 AM EDT

    porous ceramic filter

    Hello everyone, welcome to see the small series of articles, today and everyone to introduce about high temperature plugging related knowledge.

    Everyone knows that there will be a lot of high-temperature melting in industrial production, but the high-temperature liquid after high-temperature melting will enter the mold through the launder and form the products commonly used in daily life.

    Have you noticed a word here?

    Correct! ! ! That is the flow cell, because there are many paths in the flow cell, and the flow cell can not be replaced frequently, so a material is extended – “high temperature plug”.

    porous ceramic filter is divided into several categories: thermal insulation caps, plugging sleeves, aluminum silicate high temperature plugs, aluminum water plugs, aluminum silicate plugs, so it is well understood.

    One of its biggest uses is to change the path of high-temperature liquid inside the launder, which is the word commonly used in industrial production – control flow.

    Here I know that there is a porous ceramic filter.The high temperature plug produced by Adtech is made of high-alumina fiber. It is transformed from the original hand-made process to the vacuum suction filter automatic equipment forming process. It has high production efficiency, high quality stability and good yield. Up to 99%.

    It has uniform distribution of plastids, higher hardness than ordinary plugs, tight blockage, no slag, no slag, anmetal liquid flow control for tanks and kiln.