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How To Resolve McAfee Antivirus Error Code 10054?

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    July 20, 2020 5:30 AM EDT

    McAfee antivirus is the celebrated antivirus which shields your device from web stunts like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, and ransomware, etc. You can present this antivirus through This item checks the data which is taken care of in the internal amassing contraption to make your device contamination and malware free. It also shields your device from rising perils which are as of late made by developers. It stops the unapproved access by developers. It similarly control and manages the framework traffic. It is flawless with all the contraptions.
    In any case, a couple of individuals faces issue or bumble like 10054, it happens when the McAfee Antivirus looking at is enabled on the entryway or firewall. In this blog, you will make sense of how to fix this McAfee botch code 10054.
    Techniques To Fix McAfee Error Code 10054:
    Check All Device Drivers: You should check all the device drivers to prevent hardware conflicts. Contraption driver help the PC's gear and programming so they can talk with each other. You ought to invigorate contraption driver. Check the latest contraption drivers and Download all device drivers in your structure. After this present them separately and a short time later restart your PC. Right when you update all device drivers, your device will run without any problem.
    Cripple Detection of the EICAR test archive: For this, first you have to, interface with the web course of action for the SonicWall Firewall. By then you have to pick the "Security Services, Gateway Anti-Virus. After this, you have to Choose "Plan Gateway AV Settings". Next, just select "Disabled person acknowledgment of EICAR test archive". By and by check the misstep is understood or not.
    Run the McPreInstall Tool: For this first you should download the McPreInstall contraption through . In the wake of downloading the instrument, you have to twofold tap to open the pack report and a while later you have to copy the Pre-Install_Tool.exe record, and subsequently you have to twofold tap on this .exe. By and by present your thing again.Wait for the time being and afterward, so the method complete.
    Fix Any DNS Problems: You should fix if the DNS is moderate, because of the foundation issues. After this reasonable you have to change the DNS setting on your framework card to an open server. By and by check the bumble is so far proceeding or not.