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Filtration for molten metals by ceramic foam filters

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    July 13, 2022 4:24 AM EDT

    Filtration for molten metals by ceramic foam filters is one of the best method in order to remove the imputies from the metal liquid. This article develops a new approach for the production of ceramic foam filters. In the conventional method of ceramic foam filter production, polyurethane sponges are used.

    The ceramic foam filter was produced by using the porous ceramic filter, in which the materials are zirconia, silicon carbide, or alumina. Ceramic foam filters are in a specially designed mold by steam by Adtech. Various ceramic slurries are then poured into the porous cell and allowed to air dry. After the shaping operation, filters are subjected to a sintering process under various conditions. By this new method, filter channel sizes can be controlled and traps with desired configurations can be formed. Some tests were applied to the produced filters. Thermal shock tests ensured that the filters could withstand temperatures of 1450 °C. The water absorption test showed that bauxide-based material absorbed water more than the others.


    The liquid ceramic foam filters for aluminum casting is the maximum broadly used filter in the subject of aluminum melt filtration.


    The advantages are high porosity, high filtration efficiency, smooth replacement, low cost, and strong adaptability, and can also be separated by means of filtering strong inclusions into liquid inclusions.


    The disadvantage is that the high-temperature strength is low, the provider existence is brief (typically for unmarried use) and the filtration capability is small.