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The twin roll caster tip

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    June 14, 2022 11:34 PM EDT

    caster tip is to filter the aluminum alloy liquid impurities installed in the filter box to meet the production of high value-added, high-tech performance aluminum alloy precision castings such as aviation and transportation. Such as computer hard disk drives, printed PS substrates, can-making materials, jet turbine engine fan blades, and other products.

    The main features of caster tip are as follows

    1. High filtration accuracy and good effect.

    2. High mechanical strength, stable chemical performance, and good corrosion resistance.

    3. High efficiency, high output, evenly arranged filter aperture.

    Compressive strength of caster tip

    In the process of transportation and use of the ceramic filter plate, the filter plate must withstand a certain pressure impact from the outside. Therefore, an indicator is also introduced in the standard as an indicator to measure the quality of the filter plate. The higher the compressive strength, the more durable the product and the better the quality, and vice versa.