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Plasmolifting PRP Tubes with separating Gel

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    May 13, 2022 8:37 AM EDT

    Plasmolifting PRP Tubes with separating Gel
    When is plasma therapy performed in gynecology?
    Most often, plasma therapy is used to restore vaginal tissues that have thinned, lost elasticity as a result of age-related changes, labor, and chronic recurrent inflammatory processes. It is indicated to increase the rate of regeneration of the mucous membranes and dermis after surgical interventions.
    The latter include the treatment of polyps in the uterus by their traditional surgical removal or by hysteroscopy. The plasma injection procedure has proven its effectiveness in the complex therapy of endometritis and endometriosis, which cause difficulties in embryo implantation during natural and artificial insemination.
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    The technique gives positive results in the rejuvenation of the ovaries during menopause or perimenopause. Its use allows you to extend the reproductive age of a woman.
    With proper PRP therapy, you can achieve:
    renewal of the vaginal walls and rapid healing of damaged tissues;
    restoration of a high level of sensitivity, elasticity and elasticity of the mucosa, necessary for a high-quality sexual life;
    elimination of itching, dryness and other symptoms that cause discomfort;
    restoration of normal microflora disturbed as a result of chronic thrush;
    increasing the tone of muscle tissue in the pelvic region.
    Plasma therapy is recognized as a universal technology of aesthetic and therapeutic medicine in the gynecological field. It is compatible with various traditional and innovative techniques. It is often carried out with IVF, plastic mesonitis, surgical interventions of any nature. Only specialists of the highest category have access to the implementation of the methodology.

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