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Why is my printer offline issue_dell printer setup issue

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    April 28, 2022 7:19 AM EDT

    Check the printer port for error

    Change Printer set to Dell Printer offline in windows settings
    For some reason, the printer can be set to Offline even if it has never actually been disconnected from the computer or the network. If that's the case you may get the printer offline error.
    Check the printer status in the Windows Control Panel, if it's not set to offline
    ● Go to Control Panel, find Hardware and Sound, click on it and then navigate to Devices and Printers
    ● In the device and printers window find your printer icon. Right-click it and then select See what's printing option.
    ● In the window that appears, click on the " Printer " tab, a drop-down menu will open where there will be the " Use offline printer " item, make sure it is NOT selected. 
    ● If it is selected, and you see a tick mark click on it to disable the setting.

    ● In the same menu enable the set as a default printer option