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Why is my printer offline issue_dell printer setup issue

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    April 26, 2022 7:53 AM EDT

    If nothing has worked so far, the problem is probably related to the port configuration.

    If your Dell printer offline is on a network, which has an IP address the most likely cause for the offline status is that the printer's IP address has changed, but the port configuration still refers to the old IP address.
    ● Print a network configuration page to first obtain the printer's  IP address.
    ● On the printer's menu navigate to system setup and then to reports.
    ● Now select configuration and press OK.
    ● Press OK again to print the configuration page.
    ● Once you have the IP address go to Control Panel and then to Devices and Printers.
    ● Right-click on the printer and select printers properties.
    ● In the printer properties window select the port tab.
    ● This will show you the selected printer's port, now press the configure port.
    ● The next window will show you the printer's IP address which the windows think it has.
    ● If the IP address differs from the one you obtain through the network configuration page update the IP address.
    ● If you see an error message you have to add a new TCP/IP port.
    ● Once again open the printer properties windows as mentioned above.
    ● Press the port tab and then click on add port.

    ● In the next window choose the Standard TCP/IP port option and click on the new port.