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Why your printer is offline and how to fix it_printer_offline

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    April 21, 2022 7:13 AM EDT

    Driver Issue

    One of the most evident concerns when dealing with a Epson printer offline machine has been this. A corrupted driver or a bad driver update can also cause this printer error issue with printers. All you have to do now is find the right driver for your printer. It is simple to accomplish with a few simple actions.
    • Uninstall the printer driver that is currently installed.
    • Visit the Printer website and choose your printer model
    • Go to the Drivers & Download tab and download the appropriate driver.
    • Download and install the printer driver
    • Connect your printer to the computer when the installation asks for it.
    • Complete the installation and verify that your printer is working properly in the Printers & Scanners area.
    Network Error/Port Error
    With Windows Update or any changes in firewall settings, the printer frequently appears to lose its network configuration. To manually configure the network connection, follow the steps below.
    • Open the Control Panel 
    • Click your Epson printer name and select the Ports tab 
    • Find the IP address assigned to your Epson printer 
    • Paste the IP address into the address bar of your preferred browser
    • You'll be able to access the printer's settings menu.

    • You can manually set the IP address or dynamically update a new IP address to see if the printer is now online.