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How to get printer offline

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    April 18, 2022 7:40 AM EDT
    If your Epson printer isn't working, it's most likely due to a setting issue. Epson printers typically display an offline status due to an outdated configuration on your computer. It could possibly be a software problem that isn't compatible with the system's settings, or your WiFi network may be weak.
    Steps To fix why My Epson Printer Offline (Windows)
    Step.1- Disable Epson Printer Offline Manually
    For Windows 8.1 and 10, resolve the epson printer offline issue. Disabling the option manually is one of the best approaches to fix Epson printer offline difficulties. The steps are as follows:
    • To open a dialogue box, press the Windows and R keys simultaneously.
    • In the search box type Control Panel and hit Enter.
    • In the Control Panel, look at the Devices and Printers.
    • A window box will appear, displaying the Epson Printer's name. Right-click on the listed model and select ‘see what is printing' from the drop-down menu.
    • Before attempting to use the printer offline, you must first press the printer option to ensure that there are no check marks on anything. Now click the printer button again, and this time select the Set as Default Printer option.
    •  Now close the window and then try to check if you can use your printer.
    Step.2-Reinstall Product Software 
    • Before reinstalling your Epson product software in your PC, make sure you know your network name (SSID) and password. Follow these simple methods to resolve your Epson WiFi printer's offline issue:
    • Navigate to the product's control panel and reset the WiFi setting. Press OK after selecting Setup>Restore Default Settings>Network Settings>Yes.
    • For Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10, go to the Apps screen, pick Control Panel, and then Windows Firewall.
    • Turn off your computer's firewall. Deactivate any third-party software that was used to activate the firewall.
    • Select Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features from the Apps panel. Select Uninstall/Change to remove the Epson product software from the list.
    • From there, try to uninstall all the Epson printer product related software apps such as Epson Scan and Epson Event Manager.
    • Turn off your WiFi router. Detach all the cables associated with it. Wait for the brief period and plug back all the cables and turn it on.