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How to get printer offline fix-printers

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    April 7, 2022 7:01 AM EDT

    Users are highly advised to select their printer from the devices shown. If there is more than one version to select, then users are supposed to choose the version which is not aged out. Now, they should right-click and then select “Set as default printer.”

    Thereafter, users are recommended to try printing again. In case, if device is still exhibiting an offline status, then do move on to the next section.
    Options 3 - Confirm your printer port and Windows services status
    The next major step in resolving offline printer issues is to check whether your printer is using a WSD port.
    1. For analysing this aspect, users are supposed to search Windows or ask Cortana for Control Panel and then click “View devices and printers”
    2. Now, they should right-click their printer and then select Printer Properties
    3. Next, do click the Ports tab and then look to see if your printer is using a WSD port
    If it is not using a WSD port then users are supposed to follow these steps (but skip this section, if it doesn’t use WSD port)
    1. To begin with, users should search Windows or ask Cortana for Services
    2. Now, do scroll through the list to find Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication
    3. Next, do check the Status and Startup type columns
    4. If they are running and the startup type is automatic, then users are advised to go to the next step
    5. If they are exhibiting up blank with a manual startup type, then do right-click the name and select Properties
    6. Now, do change the startup type to automatic
    7. Next, do click Start under the service status and then click OK
    8. Thereafter, do go back to the Device and Printers window and then press F5
    9. Finally, users are advised to click their printer name and then check the status. 
    After performing these steps, if status of your printer, changes from HP Printer offline to online, then issue of HP printer offline is satisfactorily resolved. On contrary, if it still shows “offline” then users should print a network configuration report. It can be done effortlessly through the Settings or Wireless menu for your printer. 
    Next, users are recommended to follow below-mentioned steps.