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Waterproof Security Cameras Market , Forecasts to 2027

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    November 21, 2021 10:52 PM EST

    Market Study


    Market Research Future (MRFR), in its Latest Waterproof Security Cameras Market 2020 states different factors that can impact the market. As per MRFR study, the waterproof security camera market is expected to rise at about 5% CAGR across 2017 to 2023. MRFR also reveals that the waterproof security camera market is poised to value at above USD 950 Mn by 2023. The waterproof security camera market rise can be credited to the growing importance of support and security surveillance at home, along with offices in challenging environments. Waterproof surveillance cameras are largely applied to capture excellent footage to that similar to high-quality indoor surveillance camera. In rise in the adoption of waterproof surveillance security cameras due to the growing need to keep home safe and secured from crime by thieves and other types of predators can boost the expansion of the market. The waterproof security camera offers strong durable service that can prompt the market rise.

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    MRFR study indicates that city infrastructure developments can boost the growth of the waterproof security cameras market. Infrastructure development, increased urbanization, large scale expansion of business, and globalization are significant factors that can drive the expansion of the world waterproof security camera market. MRFR analysis states that rise in government initiatives in regards to safety of citizens from foreign attacks, plus enhanced border security implementations can prompt the waterproof security camera market. The need for enterprises to implementing major safety measures for the safety of employees within and outside the office premise can contribute to the expansion of the waterproof security cameras market.


    Market Segment

    The segment study of the world waterproof security cameras market is based on product, range, and application.


    The product based segments of the global waterproof security cameras market are dome, bullet, and high-speed cameras among others. The high-speed cameras deployed largely to capture fast movement of animals in the field of biomechanics. This utilization is observed in television to measure speed and height, plus slow down fast moving things. The growing implications of waterproof security in sports science for motion study can boost the market growth.

    By mode of range, the waterproof security cameras market segments are 30 to 60 meters, 60 to 80 meters, 10 to 30 meters, and 80 meters, and above. Among all these, the waterproof up to 30 meters segments comprises a GPS system, interactive world map, an altimeter, Wi-Fi connectivity, and underwater depth instrument. Benefits of surveillance cameras, such as service to a depth of 30 meters and high-resolution function can prompt the market rise.

    By mode of application, the waterproof security cameras market segments are commercial, residential, and industrial among others.

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    Regional Insights

    Among all regional segments of the waterproof security cameras, the North America region can lead the world market owing to the existence of well-established camera manufacturers in the region. The increased utility of government initiatives for border and outdoor security, plus the rise in the demand for waterproof security cameras can prompt the regional growth of the market. Europe houses several prominent producers of waterproof security cameras. In addition, the rise in terror attack in the region can impel the market in the UK and the Rest of EU.


    Key Players

    The prominent players in the waterproof security cameras market are – Panasonic Corporation (Japan), Robert Bosch Gmbh (Germany), FLIR Systems (U.S.), Honeywell International Inc. (U.S.), Vimtag Technology Co. Ltd (China), Nest Cam (U.S.), Pelco Corporate (U.S.), Amcrest Technologies (U.S.), Zosi Technology Co. Ltd (Hongkong), Frontpoint Security Solutions (U.S.), among others.

    About Market Research Future:

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    MRFR’s goal in providing a comprehensive coverage of the market replete with latest trends, niches, developments, and insights can be lucrative for business needs. We aim to push our clients to the forefront by guiding them with astute information for making informed decisions. Our market intelligence can track down key issues in industries and be modified as per the fluctuations in economic scenarios. The reports are customized and offered as per a specific region or country and adhere to latest policies.