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    January 15, 2020 9:13 PM EST

    The Law of Verbal Packaging states that the more skillful a person is in the use of language Cheap Air Max Sale , the more persuasive they will be. People are persuaded by us based on the words we use. Words affect our perceptions, our attitudes, our beliefs, and our emotions. The words we use in the persuasion process make all the difference in the world. Language used incorrectly will lose the deal you might otherwise have closed. Word skills are also directly related to earning power. Successful people all share a common ability to use language in ways that evoke vivid thoughts, feelings, and actions in their audiences.

    Over 60 percent of your day is spent in oral communication Cheap Air Max Mens , in which you could be persuading, explaining, influencing, motivating, counseling, or instructing. You can create movement Cheap Air Max Womens , excitement, and vision with the words you use. The right words are captivating; the wrong words are devastating. The right words make things come to life, create energy, and are more persuasive than the wrong words. As Mark Twain said, "The difference between the right word and the wrong word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." The bottom line is that the words you use attract or repel your prospects.

    Understand that proper language varies from setting to setting, and from event to event. One word choice does not work in every circumstance. Word choice can also be critical to defusing situations and in getting people to accept your point of view. Even one word can make the difference in perception and acceptance. In a study by Harold Kelley Cheap Nike Air Max ,1 students were given a list of qualities describing a guest speaker they were about to hear. Each student read from either one of the following two lists:

    1. Cold, industrious, critical, practical, and determined
    2. Warm, industrious Cheap Air Max Shoes , critical, practical, and determined

    Of course, the students who read #1 had less than positive feelings about the speaker. The interesting thing, though, is that the lists are exactly the same except for one word! It seemed that the differing word's placement at the head of the list conditioned how the reader felt in reading through the rest of the list. It didn't matter that none of the following words were negative. Just reading the word "cold" tainted how the students read the rest of the list.

    Words communicate abstract or vague things. We can use them to explain events Cheap Air Max , to share feelings, and to help visualize the future. Words shape our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards a subject. They help decide if we stay neutral or take action. Just reading words can affect your thoughts, attitudes, and feelings. For example Cheap Nike VaporMax , read these six words slowly and vocally, taking notice of how they make you feel.

    Murder -- Hate -- Depressed -- Cancer -- Sad -- Despair

    Now read the following six words slowly and vocally, noticing how the words affect you as you do so.

    Wealth -- Success -- Happiness -- Health -- Inspiration -- Joy

    How did these words make you feel? Successful persuaders know how to use the right words to create the desired response in their audiences. Speakers with greater verbal skills come across as more credible, more competent, and more convincing. Speakers who hesitate, use the wrong words Cheap Nike Fingertrap Max , or lack fluency have less credibility and come across as weak and ineffective.

    Sales professionals also use words carefully. They know that one wrong word can send their prospect's mind somewhere else and lose them the sale. Some examples of language that salespeople use to help diffuse a potentially tense situation include the following:

    Contract -- Agreementpaperwork
    Sign here -- OK the paperwork Autograph
    Sellbuy -- Get involved
    Cancellation -- Right of rescission
    Salesperson -- Business consultant
    Commission -- Fee for my services
    Cost -- Investment
    Credit card -- Form of payment
    Problem -- Challenge
    Objections -- Areas of concern
    Expensive -- Top of the line
    Cheaper -- More economical
    Service charge -- Processing fee

    The airline industry has mastered the power of words. They know word choice is critical to getting their point across and to reducing panic. When you listen to the flight attendants? instructions before take off, you also hear careful word choice. They tell you that in the event of a water landing, your seat cushion can be used as a "flotation device." Hello! What they're really saying is, "If we crash into water, grab your seat cushion so you don't drown." Notice they don't say "life preserver," but rather they call it a "flotation device." Also note that there is no "barf bag" on board--it's a motion discomfort bag. Or "we are experiencing a mechanical difficulty" instead of "the plane is broken." They don't clean the plane; they refresh it. Planes aren't late; they're merely delayed. And Cheap Air Max2 Light , my personal favorite, they never lose my luggage; they misplace it. Yes, airlines know the power of word choice in affecting their customers? point of view.

    Application Questions:
    Verbally package your productservice ? Put it in the best light.

    How can you put your productsservice greatest weakness and verbally package it into a strength?

    Give me a 2 minute portion of your presentation. Verbally package it for me.


    Learning how to persuade and influence will make the difference between hoping for a better income and having a better income. It is the missing puzzle piece that will crack the code to dramatically increase your income, improve your relationships, and help you get what you want, when you want Cheap Air Max Zero , and win friends for life. Ask yourself how much money and income you have lost because of your inability to persuade and influence. Think about it. Sure you've seen some success, but think of the times you couldn't get it done. Has there ever been a time when you did not get your p

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