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Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market Growth Rate 2020-2027

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    September 22, 2021 9:27 AM EDT

    In 2018, the silicon wafer reclaim market 2020 had been valued at USD 502.50 million and by 2024, it can reach USD 1,254.04 Million, estimates Market Research Future (MRFR). It is also projected that the market can progress at an impressive rate of 16.55% between 2018 and 2024 (review period).

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    What is a Silicon Wafer Reclaim?

    Silicon wafer reclaim can be described as a wafer that is stripped, processed, cleaned, reprocessed and polished for a number of applications like manufacturing integrated circuits, solar cells, and more. It also refers to a cost effective process of converting a used wafer into a good quality functioning wafer, which is a test wafer.

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    Companies make extensive use of silicon wafer reclaim to bring down the purchasing the new wafers. These wafers also enjoy massive demand owing to their thinner size compared to the unused wafers, and the ability to give the same performance as a virgin test wafer. In basic terms, a silicon wafer reclaim process is all about inspection, evaluation and sorting to prevent any metallic contamination throughout the reclaim process.

    During the stripping process, once the metallic films that are on the wafer are removed, another process called grinding takes place, wherein the extra metallic film from the silicon wafer is removed. Before the packaging process, the silicon wafer is properly cleaned and then inspected, and certified. This cleaning takes place to reduce the metallic level.

    Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market

    The silicon wafer reclaim market share across the globe is set to increase significantly in the approaching years, on account of the frequent technological advancements that are leading to the development of highly efficient products. Also, the rising substitution of the test and virgin wafers with the more affordable reclaimed ones as part of the cost cutting measures taken by semiconductor companies can lead to silicon wafer reclaim market growth in the ensuing period.

    The industry is heavily characterized by the varying levels of growth graph each year, which is the result of the constant fluctuations in the reclaiming technology as well as the volatility of reclaim service providers in countries like China and Japan.

    Silicon Wafer Reclaim Market Trends

    The mounting demand for consumer electronic goods like tablets, laptops and smartphones, can be a top trend in not only the silicon wafer reclaim market but also in the market for virgin products that are a vital aspect of integrated circuits used in consumer electronic devices. The market can majorly benefit from the massive surge in solar panel installations, mostly in the United States (U.S.), China and Mexico, among others.