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    January 4, 2020 12:07 AM EST

    English is an international language. It has so many grammar rules and each rule with many exceptions. Usually Wholesale Mark Andrews Jersey , we write English without paying much attention to these rules and exceptions. But, its good to know as much as grammar as possible especially the exceptions. In this article, I am mentioning some of these unusual facts and rules of English language.

    1. A word starting with letter 'Q' has 'u' as its second letter.

    2. If abbreviation ends with same letter as the complete word itself then dot (.) is not placed. For example, we write Dr instead of Dr. for Doctor and Prof. for professor and not prof. But, people unknowingly write Dr. for Doctor.

    3. Strange but common. Most of you know that following sentence contains all the alphabets of English language:

    "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

    4. Use word 'Do' to emphasize an action. For example Wholesale Hayden Hurst Jersey , you can write 'I do go there' instead of 'I go there'.

    5. Try guessing a word with no vowels in it. Read this article from the beginning and you can find it. Yes, the word is 'Try'. There are many more such words like 'Fry' and 'My'. Usually, such words contain letter 'y' in them.

    6. Relationship before a name is written with capital letter and if afterwards then with small letter. For example, "He is Uncle Sam" and "He is Sam, my uncle".

    7. Use of 'a' and 'an' article depends on phonetics of noun before which they are placed. So Wholesale Trace McSorley Jersey , 'a' is used before the word 'user' and 'an' is used before the word 'honest'.

    8. Use of article 'The' has many exceptions like 'the' is not used before names of the countries except the 'Netherlands' and the 'US'.

    For appropriate use of articles, capitalization rules and other English language rules, I recommend you to read articles available at:Purdue University Online Writing Lab ( ). You can also visit for learning English grammar in a better way.

    Syed Feroz Zainvi has obtained . (Comp Sc & Engg) degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (INDIA). His areas of interests are distributed computing, computer graphics and Internet Technologies. Currently Wholesale Iman Marshall Jersey , he is involved in Software Project Planning, Development and Management. His other interests include writing for magazines and contributing utility softwares on Magazine's CDs. He also have flair for teaching computer science with new teaching methodologies.

    His web-page URL is

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