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Plus-size women fire back at fat shamers

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    August 15, 2021 11:34 PM EDT

    Plus-size women fire back at fat shamers

    Plus-size women on TikTok are tired of hearing what they're 'supposed' to wear to the beach — and fed up with the expectation that they should cover up.Get more news about plus size womens clothing,you can vist!

    And now many are taking to the social media app to highlight those frumpy poolside outfits they'll no longer tolerate, with baggy shirts and shorts — and instead, they're flaunting the very sexy and trendy bikinis they'll be embracing this summer.

    The trend is taking off, with dozens of women confidently showing off their summer bodies — no matter the size — in an array of fun and flirty beachwear.

    She started off her clip wearing loose shorts that fell to mid-thigh, with an oversized T-shirt that covered most of her shape.'This is the type of outfit I wore to the beach/pool for most of my life,' she wrote.

    'I was super self-conscious to get out of the water/pool in front of anyone,' she went on, awkwardly tugging at the shirt to cover more skin and not cling to her body. 'I was not comfortable ever.'

    But in a quick change, the baggy clothes are gone and Sativa is modeling a stunning rainbow tie-dye monokini. She's also done her hair and makeup, and most noticeable of all, she is projecting much more confidence.Another video, by Randi Bosin, uses the same Nelly song and makes the same point — and has racked up 4.4 million views.

    She, too, showed off the type of outfit she wore to the beach for most of her adult life, modeling knee-length shorts and a baggy red T-shirt. 'I was ashamed because society says big isn't beautiful,' she said.

    'I'll NEVER be ashamed again,' she adds, ripping away the baggy outfit and showing off a sexy black high-waisted bikini paired with a shawl around her shoulders.User @binya_x followed suit, showing off the shorts and a big tie-dye T-shirt that she says 'people think big girls should wear to the beach.'

    What she actually wears, though, is a printed string bikini that flaunts her figure and her tattoos.

    Jaci Dayne did the trend as well, trading a large blue T-shirt and leopard print shorts — and a self-conscious expression — for a very trendy high-waisted bikini with a mix of florals and leopard print.