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Why choose a wider pair of shoes for basketball?

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    August 2, 2021 2:50 AM EDT

    Why choose a wider pair of shoes for basketball?

    Too-tight footwear causes many issues, including blisters and pressure sores, excessive sweating, and other foot problems such as bone spurs and hammer toes.By choosing sneakers specifically made for wide-footers, you’ll be able to focus on the game instead of being distracted by painful feet.Get more news about James Harden Basketball Shoes,you can vist!

    In this review of the 6 best wide basketball shoes in 2021, we’ll highlight the standout picks worth considering for your next pair. We’ll show you their design features, and cover the pros and cons of each style.

    You’ll also learn a few pro tips about how to find the right basketball sneakers that fit comfortably even if you have super-wide feet. It’s time to lace up!
    Nike’s Air Jordan 34 “Blue Void” style is made with fabric combined together with a special translucent material that creates a super-strong-yet-lightweight upper.

    We’ve tested many different types of shoes on courts ranging from wood and concrete to asphalt and dirt, and our team really loves the Nike Air Jordan 34 for its comfort and performance. This is one of the lightest Nike styles ever made, and it’s super comfortable even for large feet.

    Nike Air Jordan XXXIV basketball shoes feature a well-designed breathable tongue. It’s especially effective for releasing heat and moisture during highly competitive games.Another reason why we like this shoe is the patented Zoom Air cushioning unit on its footbed. This style also has a roomy, comfortable toe box that you’ll appreciate hard impacts.

    The OMN1S style is the first true basketball sneaker produced by New Balance in a long time, and they’ve scored a win. This shoe is exceptionally comfortable because of the patented Fuel Cell cushioning foam.

    It’s the reason why the New Balance OMN1S basketball shoe is so popular among players with wide feet. If you’ve tried other wide basketball shoes, you’ll be especially impressed with this style because of the perfect cushioning for big, heavy players.

    This shoe is made with a perforated material in the upper, which gives wide feet more flexibility. With extensive testing, we’ve learned that this material is very comfortable for wide or unusual feet.

    On the court, we’ve seen that the HOVR technology gives wide feet lots of support for running, jumping, and stopping. The secret lies in this shoe’s midsole made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), which provides great stability.