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Types Of Charms And How To Style Them

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    August 1, 2021 9:58 PM EDT

    Charm Bracelet: Types Of Charms And How To Style Them

    Do you know where the charm bracelet originated? The earliest charms were worn by pharaohs of ancient Egypt as well as knights in the middle ages. Charm bracelets have been around for hundreds of years and evolved to fit modern style. What makes charm bracelets unique is their personalized aspects.To get more news about photo bracelet, you can visit official website.

    Typically, charms or trinkets would be attached to the bracelet with a clip on, hanging, or sliding charm. Queen Victoria popularized charm bracelets again by giving them as gifts and personalizing them for each recipient. Her endorsement and wearing of charm bracelets created a fashion craze that swept across Europe and has continued into the 21st century.

    Customizable charms provide a special opportunity to showcase your personality through jewelry. Each charm can signify a different value, hobby, or even person in your life. So, having the option to personalize your charms makes your bracelet or necklace even more unique. Whether you wear your piece as a good luck charm, memento, or fashion statement there are many options to choose from. A variety of chains can be used as the base for your charm bracelet or necklace. There are several chains which look stunning with charms including bead, curb, cuban, and rope chains.
    Your chain choice can make or break the look. Depending on the chain, it may also function differently. The first question to ask is: what style are you trying to achieve? Do you like to keep your jewelry minimalist and sleek or bold and fun? Once you determine your personal style it’s much easier to choose an ideal chain for you.

    Cable Chains
    Cable chains are a classic style that can attach perfectly with a variety of charms. We love how these visually gorgeous pieces look loaded up with charms around the bracelet. Elevate your own lovely charm bracelet with a classic chain and meaningful engraved charms.

    Ball Chains
    Ball chains or bead chains are thicker, chunkier, and provide the perfect nooks for your charms to settle into. We love this option for a statement making or chunky charm bracelet. Bead chains are always on-trend and add an interesting textural affect to your everyday jewelry.

    Rectangle Chains
    Rectangle or paperclip chains are geometrically interesting and modern. We love these chains for a sleek charm bracelet and a bolder necklace choice. This chain lets your charms slide around for that nostalgically satisfying jingle.

    Snake Chains
    Snake chains are another popular style that allows you to slide your charms on easily. These chains allow your charms to move around without having to worry about them falling off. They also look great stacked up as well.