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We’ve Got All You Need to Know about Forex Brokers

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    July 6, 2021 5:14 AM EDT

    WikiFX APP: We’ve Got All You Need to Know about Forex Brokers

    In the age of big data, it‘s increasingly difficult for investors to verify the qualification and compliance of forex brokers. The internet has also become many illegal brokers’ tool for defrauding investors. Some make heavy advertising spending in order to increase market awareness, others set sophisticated traps that unwary investors easily fall into. Some brokers even attempt to cover up the truth and mislead investors by manipulating public opinions, such as deleting the unfavorable comments. The many questions and messages that WikiFX gets from investors also reflect their concerns about how to find a truly reliable broker in this complicated environment. On thing to be sure, the best way to decide whether a broker is trustworthy is to do a thorough research and check its information in all aspects. With that being said, finding authentic and comprehensive information about brokers efficiently may be quite a challenge for most investors.To get more news about APP, you can visit official website.
      As an App dedicated to helping investors verify compliant and illegal brokers, the WikiFX App had won wide acclaim among investors since it was launched in 2018, receiving a 5-star rating from many users. The handy little App can be downloaded for free in Apple Store and Google Play Store. It has the unique advantage of offering investors practically everything they need to know about forex brokers.
      The WikiFX App only takes up 34M of storage, but includes comprehensive data of the forex industry. It has currently archived information from forex regulators across 30 countries/ regions and profiles of over 28 thousand brokers.
      With the help of VR technology, the WikiFX App is able to show the brokers environment in reality from all perspectives. By providing precise data, professional information services and rigorous and impartial exposure of illegal forex brokers, WikiFX aims to safeguard more investors in their trading and promote a healthy development of the forex industry.
      The WikiFX App allows users to easily search for information, check market trends, explore trading environment and view field-survey report, risks warning and credit assessment of brokers. If you have doubts about a broker, you can conveniently look up its comprehensive information in the WikiFX App within a few seconds.
      In order to better serve global users, the WikiFX App offers various languages to meet their demands. investors can switch 17 languages such as English, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesia, Thai, Filipino, Hindi, Russian, French and more.
      In the future, the WikiFX App will continue to be investors‘ reliable guide and offer them an even better professional search platform where they can access useful information such as brokers’ profiles and evaluation reports based on big data.

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    January 23, 2022 4:27 PM EST

    I agree, make sure you only trade with the best in Russia... many great forex brokers in Russia.