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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Forex Candlestick Patterns

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    July 1, 2021 3:42 AM EDT

    Both the hammer and the hanging man are probably the most basic, but at the same time, the most efficient candlestick patterns to trade Forex with if your goal is to jump in a trade when the market is about to reverse. That is why they belong to the category of one-candlestick reversal patterns. The hammer is the bullish pattern that appears at the bottom of the trend after a substantial price decline, whereas the hanging man is a bearish pattern that can be seen at the top of the uptrend. Both these patterns are tradable on any time frame higher than 15M.To get more news about TMGM, you can visit official website.
      The ability to recognize and trade off these patterns is invaluable for any successful Forex trader because they hint at the probable top, or the probable bottom, of a trend and signal that traders should start looking for the most optimal exit or entry points.
    The hammer pattern emerges when a currency price drop substantially lower than the opening price of the day, but then the buyers step in and drive the price back to the level near the day‘s open, thus forming the one-candlestick pattern with a large lower wick (shadow), a relatively small real body at the absence, or a very small, upper wick. The color of the real body doesn’t bear much significance – it can be red (black) at the bottom of the downtrend or green (white) at the top of an uptrend. Certainly, a green body of a candlestick that flags the possible trend reversal might look more reassuring, but in reality, there have been many strong uptrends that stemmed from the hammer with the red body.
      It‘s important to know that the proper hammer pattern should have the lower wick at least twice as large as the candle’s real body; otherwise, that Forex candlestick pattern must be deemed as neutral. Also, remember that the real body of either a hammer or a hanging man must stay close or be within the upper (lower) price range.
      When this formation appears, traders say that the market is hammering out, and the reversal could be in the making. But the real essence of this candlestick pattern is best described by its Japanese name, “takuri”, which can be roughly translated as “testing the depth of the water by trying to reach for the bottom with a leg,” which makes a lot of sense when you look at its structure.
      The rule of thumb for using both these patterns is quite simple: the strength, or the reliability, of a hammer or a hanging man depends on the length of the lower wick, the size of the real body, and the presence of the absence of an upper wick and its size. The most meaningful patterns have a very long lower wick, small bodies, up to the point where they look like a dragonfly doji, and a very little or no upper wick.
      There is another hint regarding this pattern that we‘d like to share with you: when the hanging man appears at the presumed top of the uptrend, don’t rush into selling your position because the market is still running on the bullish steam, especially if the price movement is supported by the increasing volume, and there is a good chance that it would eat up the hanging man and continue pushing northward. Instead, wait for the next session to see whether the Forex market opens lower than the previous day‘s close. If that’s the case and the price drops with a considerable gap, the viability of the hanging man increases dramatically, and you can consider going short on that particular Forex pair.
      A shooting star and an inverted hammer are basically a hanging man and a hammer turned upside down that also act as the reversal patterns that emerge at the probable finale of a strong trending movement. The pattern is formed when the price of the particular Forex pair opens slightly above the close of the previous day, rallies strongly at first, but then gets pressurized by the sellers almost to the open of the trading session, thus forming the pattern with a long upper shadow, a small body, and little to no lower shadow. Please remember that the shooting star pattern can be considered as tradable only in trending markets, especially during powerful rallies, or at the top of the congestion zone. A shooting star and an inverted hammer in the ranging market has little to no significance with regard to forecasting the upcoming price movement.

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    January 23, 2022 2:17 PM EST

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