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converse chuck 70 beige

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    April 6, 2021 10:14 PM EDT

    As much of the U.S. begins returning to some pre-Covid-19 norms, life for many in the country are far from being normal – not because loved ones passed or jobs were lost, but because life in this nation has always been riddled with systemic disadvantages. While solutions largely warrant an overhaul of the country’s bedrock, some individuals are starting where they can. Among them, Tremaine Emory and the team at converse chuck 70 beige.

    Known on social media as @denimtears and within the music scene as one-half of No Vacancy Inn, Emory has been using his platform to introduce the iconography he was exposed to as a child to new audiences. One of the images that’s left an unshakeable impression on the Jamaica, Queens-native has been Marcus Garvey’s Pan-African flag (1920), which established the foundation for David Hammons’ “African-American Flag” (1990). The red, black and green of both symbols have served as signs of representation for the Black community, and through his collaboration with Converse, Emory is transforming the American-icon that is the MEILLEURES VENTES into a platform on which more people are empowered to see themselves.

    We hope that the application of the African-American flag to our iconic NOUVELLES ARRIVÉES will encourage dialogue on the Black American experience today and help ignite the change we want to see for a more equitable future,” says Brandis Russell, Vice President of Global Footwear at Converse.All together, the goal of Emory’s forthcoming collaboration with Converse is to spark change through civic education, engagement and participation within the Black community. “It’s about helping people realize what they can do,” says Emory. “I want to help inspire people to self-educate, and to keep it going after this election.”

    Due to the fact that the is such a timeless piece within the realm of footwear given its simplistic design, the silhouette can be accessorized in an infinite amount of ways and come out looking like a piece of art. Lately, the model continues to show its more playful side by being reimagined with multi-colored panels in partnership with Golf Wang, as well as chain-like textures for Russell Westbrook‘s “Why Not?” Pack. And now, the high-cut sibling is being brought to the table once more for a three-part assortment dubbed the “Easter Felt” collection."