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What is the use of white corundum powder

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    February 26, 2021 2:20 AM EST

    White corundum powder is more commonly used in the market, but we should give a detailed introduction to the specific use, so that even in different industries, we can know whether it can be used normally.


    White corundum powder is more practically used because it can be used normally in many specific places. silicon carbide suppliers south africa To a certain extent, we can know how to choose better.


    Use 1: It can be applied to various sandblasting and polishing operations in the specific process of use. It can play a better role. It can be selected normally according to these basic conditions, and it can also bring it to a large extent. Some comprehensive advantage value.


    Use 2: Sandblasting in the production of TV screens is often used, while the cutting of silicon wafers will be used by MCC. White corundum powder is necessary in advanced refractory materials and ceramic additives.


    This shows that such products are still needed in many places. abrasives manufacturers in usa The key is how to ensure constant use. Some precision castings use more molding sand, just to ensure the performance of the entire product, and hope that the quality of the product is used. There are better guarantees and some better advantages.