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Method for recycling powdered activated carbon

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    February 26, 2021 2:19 AM EST

    Powdered activated carbon is now well known to everyone. It currently plays a great role in environmental protection. It is not only used in industry, but also used by many families in life. Powdered activated carbon is actually a consumable. coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers Over time, the powdered activated carbon will reach saturation, and the adsorption effect may not be so good. Many people choose to throw it away. This will not only cause waste of resources, but also cause secondary pollution.


    The adsorption of powdered activated carbon is actually a physical process. The following methods can be used to regenerate powdered activated carbon to complete the recycling of powdered activated carbon.


    Thermal regeneration method of powdered activated carbon:


    The thermal regeneration method is currently a more mature activated carbon regeneration method, which is divided into three stages: activated carbon pellets supplier  drying, high temperature carbonization and activation to complete the regeneration.


    Powdered activated carbon biological regeneration method:


    The biological regeneration law is a process of using domesticated bacteria to desorb the organic matter adsorbed on the activated carbon and further removing water and carbon dioxide.


    Solvent regeneration method of powdered activated carbon:


    Solvent regeneration method is to use the balance relationship between activated carbon, solvent and adsorption value, and then through a series of conditions such as temperature, solvent PH value, break the adsorption balance, and desorb the substances adsorbed by activated carbon from the activated carbon.