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Crypto conferences becoming tamer

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    May 16, 2023 2:53 AM EDT

    Crypto conferences becoming tamer, bear market prioritises discussions

    With every crypto investor’s lips having only two words right now “crypto winter”, the crypto event organisers have cut down on the exuberance of events. They are trying to keep the focus only on the more relevant arguments to be raised concerning tax and other regulations.To get more news about crypto events, you can visit official website.

    Crypto events witness the presence of high level executives and founders along with those who use crypto or promote it. For example Tiffany Fong, a crypto influencer who gained fame interviewing Bankman-Fried after the FTX fiasco, is a frequent attendee to these events. She has noted that right now the crypto conferences are much lighter than what they used to be during bull markets, “People have named dropped huge DJs that have performed in past conferences during bull markets and point out that the parties and events are much tamer this year.”

    However, Fong believes that crypto still shines through despite the bear market and these conferences are a good opportunity for networking with the major, determined players of this industry.

    Meanwhile, there was an event for the XRP Army held in Las Vegas on May 6 and 7 where the attendees were seen being enthusiastic and optimistic about the crypto’s future.

    Pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton said that the XRP fans were seen asking relevant and well planned questions at the event but he could still feel a sense of worry in their queries, “I wouldn’t classify their emotion as one of fear but frustration because it shouldn’t be this difficult or take this long to achieve regulatory clarity in the United States.”

    Deaton further said that the approach of “regulation by enforcement” on crypto by SEC Chair Gary Gensler was the reason for their frustration.

    Regulation appears to be on the top priority even for Australia’s crypto community and it was the top discussion point at a recent meet of Binance Australia which took place on May 3.

    Ben Rose, general manager for Binance Australia and New Zealand, said that another point seen getting a lot of attention was “crypto tax” and that the bear market did not deter the attendees from still being curious about the various aspects of crypto. “More recently there’s been a lot of newcomers attending asking beginner-level questions, which is encouraging.”

    Rose even disclosed that enthusiasm could be sensed in the audience about a potential bull run with a little increment in Bitcoin’s price.

    All in all, it can be derived that even after the brutal crypto winter, there are many enthusiasts in the crypto space anticipating the next crypto bull run eagerly, and governments are expected to provide better regulatory clarity on crypto across the world in the near future.