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  • April 23, 2023 11:26 PM EDT

    CAM Unit suppliers NO.DescriptionQty.MaterialRemark 1Cam Holder1FC250 2Cam Slider1FC250 3Cam Driver1SF700 4Stopper1SS400 5Positive Return Follower1S45C 6Coil Spring1SWOSC-VSSWL27-75 7Slider Keeper2S45C 8Hexagon Soxket Head Bolt5SCM435M8X15 9Hexagon Soxket Head Bolt2SCM435M8X20 10Stopper Plate1SS440 11Hexagon Soxket Head Bolt2SCM435M8X25 12Spring Stop1SS440 Tools mechanical cam units锛坉ie cam unit锛? used for many drilling, forming, shearing and cutting applications in metal work. They can be mounted horizontally or inclined. We have a wide range Press die WEDGE, for all budgets, with short or normal runs, between 5000 and 40 000 daN. Basic models use a coil spring that uses a standard punch with a urethane spring as a stripper, while more complex models use a nitrogen gas ram and have mounting units for any tooling. Models are available that can take several punches, some systems have an integrated anti-rotation device, and some are also equipped with a miniature electronic device to control the proper positioning of the equipment. Cam unit is a mechanical mechanism that changes vertical movement to horizontal movement or tilt movement through the use of a wedge and a sliding block. Change the force in the vertical direction of the machine tool to the force in the tilt direction. The cam unit is a mechanical mechanism that changes vertical movement into horizontal movement or tilt movement through the cooperation of the cam unit and the slider. The cam unit is also called the active cam unit, which acts as a force applying body during work; sliding block-working cam unit, force receiving body; accessory device-reverse block, pressure plate, guide plate (guide), wear plate, spring, screw, etc, A device that plays the role of inclined mold attachment, guidance and force balance. Advantages 1. Professional press die wedge supplier: we have 13 series products, a total of more than one hundred varieties, Technology and performance of our products has reached the industry leading level, and has won the trust of the customers. 2. Specialist in cam unit and spare parts: We are specialist supply bronze bushing, bronze plate, stroken plate,cam plate, also provide the technical design and solutions and so on. 3. Low cost: We have a professional team with technical knowledge and managerial experience. Invest on material cost productivity cost control, 4. Richer Experience: We was founded in 2007. Up to now, Our products have been exported to more than 40 countries, such as Russia, Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Ukraine, Iran, Romania, Hungary, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, so we can provide high service to our clients. 5. Higher Quality: We have a professional team with technical knowledge and managerial experience. Products pass SGS certification.CAM Unit suppliers website:

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    May 25, 2023 10:56 AM EDT

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