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China Roll Feedingpaper Bag Making Machine factory

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    March 15, 2023 2:27 AM EDT


    China Roll Feedingpaper Bag Making Machine factory  Paper Bag Making Machine with Window
    Description of main functions of Paper Bag Making Machine with Window
    Paper Bag Making Machine with Window is used to produce environmental protection paper bags, food paper bags and shopping paper bags. This Paper Bag Making Machine with Window is used to complete the paper bag from gluing, folding, forming, window opening, laminating, cutting off the paper tube, indentation at the bottom, gluing at the bottom, forming at the bottom of the bag to bag making and out.
    The whole paper bag baking bachine adopts Japanese original imported Yaskawa electric control system, controlled by servo motor production, high precision, strong stability, easy maintenance, efficient production, is the major printing plant and paper bag manufacturers the ideal purchase equipment.
    Technical Parameters
    Bag Height191-430mm280-510mm
    Bag Width80-220mm150-330mm
    Bottom Width50-120mm70-180mm
    Paper Thickness45-150 g/m260-150 g/m2
    Paper Roll Width290-710mm470-1050mm
    Paper Roll Dia.蠁1300mm蠁1300mm
    Plastic Film thickness0.02-0.05g/m20.02-0.05g/m2
    Window Width20-120mm20-120mm
    Window Height20-160mm20-160mm
    Power3 phase 4 wire
    380V / 23KW3 phase 4 wire
    380V / 25KW
    Overall Dimensions12*2.6*1.9M13*2.6*1.9M
    Main structure function description and configuration
    Feeding and conveying structure
    1. Reel feeding is equipped with automatic lifting function, which is convenient for the replacement of reel paper during production. It can be easily completed by switch control.
    鈥?Use air expansion shaft for unwinding
    鈥?Feeding is equipped with hydraulic cylinder lifting control system
    鈥?Automatic tension control system for discharging material
    2. Automatic stroke correction system, the system is mainly to ensure the smoothness and stability of the web feeding state.
    Automatic control system and supporting parts of electrical appliances
    1. Automatic control system, mainly control the control of various mechanical structures and functions, realize human-machine interface operation, very convenient exchange and set up different specifications and functions, strong operability, high precision obvious advantages. Yaskawa servo motor, motion controller, Ethernet full color touch screen, driver, INPUT and output PNP, power and feedback cable.
    2. Supporting parts of electrical appliances
    (See attached list for details)
    The material of the mechanical owner shall be used for the structure
    1. Raw materials used in the main parts of the mechanical structure: the main wall panel is made of ductile iron QT400; Gear material is 38CrMnAl; Shaft material is 45# steel after tempering; Other materials are ZG270-500, G12MOV, 316L, etc.
    2. Purchased parts for main parts of machinery: Bearings are NEY from Germany; Fastening screw material is 45# steel grade 12; Transfer belt material is Switzerland/ Habsit.
    Configuration of mechanical assist functions
    1. Automatic fault detection function
    The function is mainly used for the machine in the normal high-speed state of operation, such as the accident can be quick to automatically stop the machine, so as not to cause unnecessary losses, the device combined with Japan Yaskawa automation control system.
    2. Automatic refueling system
    The system is mainly used for automatic oil supply when the machine is running, to ensure that the gear of each part of the machine is well lubricated, so that the machine can play a better performance in a long time running state.
    After-sales service
    1. Install and debug new equipment, provide users with systematic training for the first time, so that users' operators can master the basic principle and operation of the machine and learn normal maintenance and replacement of conventional wearing parts. This service is free of charge.
    2. According to the actual production needs of the users, we can provide the operators of the users with consolidated skills training again. There will be corresponding costs for this service.
    3. In equipment maintenance, our company will continue to do a good job in after-sales service, and will regularly obtain the actual use of users, so as to ensure that users can better use our equipment.
    4. Service response: respond within 8 hours after receiving user notification, and arrive at site within 24/48 hours if necessary.
    5. Warranty standard, free warranty period of one year, lifelong maintenance of equipment
    List of manufacturers for main components
    Main engine drive servo motorJapan Yaskawa
    Main engine traction servo motor
    Main machine cutter servo motor
    Open end servo motor for main engine
    Main machine glue servo motor
    Main mechanism bottom servo motor
    Main machine feed servo motor
    Main engine thumb button knife servo motor
    Window film servo motor
    Servo driver
    Motion controller
    I/O module
    Touch screenFlexem
    The electric lightSigg, Germany/Schneider, France
    bearingGerman NEY
    The circuit breakerSchneider of France
    contactorSchneider of France
    relaySigg, Germany/Schneider, France
    Pneumatic componentsTaiwan Yadeke
    Correction systemEnris/Piyuan, Taiwan
    Tension controllerEnris/Piyuan, Taiwan
    Automatic lubricating systemChina
    Wallboard materialQT400
    The conveyor beltSwiss/Habsit
    The gear material38CrMnAl
    Gear motorThe inscription of Taiwan
    Send the tracheadelixi
    Print trackerGermany's SICK
    List of machine accessories
    1The toolkit1set
    2Extended Allen wrench1set
    3Extension socket wrench1set
    4Fill in the plate1set21pcs
    5Stencil press wheel1set3pcs
    6Counter weight6pcs
    7The cutters5pcs
    8Indentation knife2pcs
    9Pick paper 12pcs
    10Pick paper 22pcs
    11Activities trough plate1set
    12Compression spring4pcs
    13Pressure paper claw1pair
    15Open the bottom torsional spring1set
    16Open the bottom torsional spring2pcs
    17Bearing NATR82pcs
    18The middle finger claws2pcs
    19Center clamp torsion spring3pcs
    21Edge clip tension spring6each3
    22Compression spring6pcs
    23Bottom clamp torsion spring6pcs
    26Chain joint1pc
    27Glue sponge sheet2indivual
    28Bearing CF100.25m2500*500*10
    29Bearing CF83pcsKRV22
    30Knife holder2pcsKRV19
    31Supporting article1pcOther
    32Host anchor board1pc
    33Bagging base plate4pcs
    34Side guide10pcs
    36shaft1pcCenter clip
    37shaft1pcThe second clip
    38Open the bottom torsional spring1pcThe first clip
    How to troubleshoot the food paper bag making machine?
    1. Dislocation of the paper tube
    Before doing anything, make sure the tube forming die is the right size. Next, you adjust the middle insert wheels in a vertical position.
    2. The swing of the paper tube
    Do the following to correct the paper tube:
    Confirm whether the tension of the unwinding is appropriate.
    Also, change the position of the insert plate so that it has a good opening slope.
    Again verify that the pressure and friction wheels are in place.
    Finally, confirm the position of the paper tube forming mold.聽
    3. Try to change the actual length of the paper tube with the length set by the computer.
    Correct the situation by:
    Verify the tension on the pulley rollers.
    Confirm the pressure of the transfer wheel and its position with the knife.
    Whenever you use paper, always make sure that the length of the two-color marks corresponds to the set length.
    4. The finished paper bag is not well sealed.
    To correct this error, you need to:
    Confirm the correspondence between the length of the seal and the width of the bag.
    Verify again that the closing bar lock position is normal.
    Check whether the height of the baffle at the bottom of the bag is accurate.
    Finally, you can clean the closing bars. Make sure to remove the glue and dirt from there.
    5. Is the bottom of the bag continuously glued?
    See if the primer is too much and adjust it. Confirm the cushion size of the rubberized foam rubber. If it's too big then you need to shorten it. Finally, you can verify that the primer works well with the primer.
    6. The side of the paper tube is irregular and wrinkled?
    See if the belt pressure is too high. The appropriateness of the delivery tube location is then determined.
    7. Is the paper bag collection irregular?
    Confirm the amount of pressure on the conveyor belt. Verify the type of transport mechanism on the conveyor belt. Is it an electrically improved setup method? If so, then you can make adjustments from the touchscreen.
    The Importance of food paper bag making machine
    First of all, the pointed bottom paper bag machine helps marketing with its printing machinery.
    First, v bottom food paper bags are more space efficient than other types of paper bags. This is because they can be nested within each other, which means you can store more v bottom food paper bags in the same space as other types of paper bags.
    Second, the quality of v bottom food paper bags made by food paper bag making machine is better than other types of paper bags. This is because they use less paper overall.
    Finally, it is easy to operate and all functions are easy to use. They are easier to open and close, and can be resealed if necessary. This makes them ideal for use in many different situations.
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